REEEP events at WIREC

WIREC seems to be the biggest and the largest edition so far and good to see that ACORE and Mike Eckhart who are part of the REEEP regional secretariat for Latin America are playing a key role. I remember Mike investing considerable amounts of time during the formative stages of ACORE (then ACRE) and good to see the pay back.  The role of REEEP in the regional consultations and usefulness of reegle as a knowledge management tool were acknowledged several times by US Government and other agencies.

The REEEP side event was well attended and the Irish Minister made the key note speech, highlighting and supporting the REEEP programmes and how they were important to Ireland. The Norwegian government representative Eva Paaske provided the background about the Norwegian support to REEEP and the importance of REEEP. Griff Thompson ably moderated the session where the REEEP secretariats presented the outcomes from regional consultations – Amy, Amanda , Mark and Chuck made presentations on the consultation outcomes. Interesting to see the similarities of needs across the regions. Chuck does a good job at facilitation and has a future if he decides to become a talk show host! It was a good event and all the effort in planning and coordination put in by John was evident.

The wednesday’s session on national and subnational partnerships had a presentation from Marianne highlighting the REEEP experience and perspectives and drawing upon some REEEP projects such as WGA’s effort on clean and diversified energy. There were other interesting presentations in the session from Intel, EPA etc. Paul Suding of Ren21 moderated and summaried well. Sorry to hear that Paul was leaving Ren21 bacause of personal reasons. I wish him well.

The meeting of parties was hosted at the Australian Embassy and was well attended. It would hve been good if Morgn was able to attend. Henry chaired his last meeting as the GB chair but will continue as a member representing IETA. Henry was an able administrator and a brilliant strategist. We will miss his guidance.

The South African minister presented the conclusions from the regional consultations in the concluding plenary which was received very well. All the copies of the report vanished from the desk within minutes after the speech.  The minister also expressed keenness for her government to work with REEEP. Something to consider for the next programme cycle.

Several meetings on the sidelines with project implementing organisations, WADE, WRI, UNF, GVEP etc. and several interesting suggestions about future REEEP work.


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