reegle / WIREC Summary

WIREC is over and we all are back in our offices now. Time to write a short conclusion.

WIREC 2008 was a really impressing conference with a very good trade show. The reegle booth (which was located at the German Pavilion in cooperation with BMU) was very well attended and we could present reegle to many very interested people. Several new contacts could be established and I am looking forward to these new partnerships and cooperations. It was really a pleasure to be part of this exhibition and to support WIREC with our customized search for “Best Practices”

Reegle Booth @ WIREC

Some interesting links to get up-to-date:

  • You can find some outcomes of WIREC on the WIREC website as well as on this site
  • You can find a list of all collected pledges at the REN21 website.
  • You can find an interesting interview about the need of policymakers to push Renewable Energy here.

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