The SmartGrids Revolution – make it happen

On October 8th/9th, 2008 the 3rd General Assembly of the European Technology Platform SmartGrids “The SmartGrids Revolution – make it happen” are taking place in Brussels.

The SmartGrids European Technology Platform for Electricity Networks of Future began its work in 2005. Its first aim was to formulate and promote a vision for the development of European electricity Networks looking towards 2020 and beyond. See the video below to get further information:


As I am presenting reegle there and the REEEP International Director (Dr. Marianne Moscoso-Osterkorn) is part of the Smart Grids Advisory Committee I am able to give you a short summary of the first day:

Mr. Pier Nabuurs (Chairman of the ETP Smartgrids and CEO KEMA) opened the conference and asked all attendees for participation in the Smartgrids Development. He stated that “we are talking about the Smart Grids revolution today – and you make it happen”.

After this opening speech the Vice President of the EU Parliament (Mr. Alejo Vidal-Quadras) gave a first enthusiastic presentation and ensured that the Commission is sharing his enthusiasm for this important collaboration and that the EU is a convinced supporter of the Smart Grid development. Furthermore he pointed out that it is of high importance that industry as well as consumers are involved in this process and that there is a need to educate and inform consumers about the upcoming challenges. “The only way yo modify human behaviors to let them know how much [energy] they use […]. This is about trusting and empowering consumers.”He also reminded the participants that “[they] should not only set targets but deliver concrete solutions to the customers”

The next session started with a presentation of Raffaele Liberali (Director at the Directorate-General for Research, European Commission). He stated thatwe are just “switching from debate to action” and that the main challenge will be to “integrate and distribute energy fro,m renewable sources” and therefore a “cooperation between technology platforms is crucial”.

Finally the Strategic Deployment Document for Europe`s Electricity Networks of the Future has been introduced and participants have been asked to comment on it. The development of this document is extremely important as “the EU 20-20-20 target is absolutely depended on the (Smart) Grid.”In the afternoon some workshops will take place and I will inform you about other interesting outcomes …


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