Get Smarter

To summarise the 3rd General Assembly of the European Technology Platform SmartGrids (see also the previous post) find below the 10 key messages and recommendations for developing and deploying Smart-Grids which are one of the results of the ongoing workshops:

  1. Promote the Smart-Grids vision to all stakeholders
  2. Encourage innovative thinking in network companies and with their stakeholders
  3. Encourage a pan-European approach to the Smart-Grids initiative
  4. Encourage early development of Smart-Grids through practical demonstration project
  5. Further develop Smart-Grids opportunities to strenghten the case for deployment
  6. Promote the participation of End-Users
  7. Address technical standards in the electricity and telecommunication sectors
  8. Understand and manage the environmental impact of network development
  9. Promote open access to network information
  10. Develop skill base in the network sector to meet the anticipated shortfall

All these recommendations will be taken into concern for the next steps … lets see when we finally get a Smarter Electrical Grid.  


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