Where you can meet us in Copenhagen

I am sure most of you will be in Copenhagen for the next one or two weeks, therefore I thought it might be useful to tell you where we (REEEP) will be and which events we plan to do. It would be great to see you in Copenhagen and have a chat with some reegle-blog users. If you are on a REEEP event, just ask one of the REEEP’ies where you can find “Florian” – I am looking forward to talk about reegle and the blog with you.

REEEP at COP15Find below a list of our events:

Our six Regional Secretariats will each showcase key projects and initiatives at a Happy Hour event in Copenhagen on 9th December, from 18.00 to 21.00, kindly supported by Carlsberg – yep, there will be free beer :-). The event will be held at the Carlsberg Brewery Visitor Center and is open to anyone wishing to learn more about REEEP. Click here for more about this event.

The official REEEP side event at COP15 will be held in cooperation with SouthSouthNorth, and will highlight successful north/south and south/south interventions in promoting clean energy development. It will run from 11.00 -12.30 on 11th December in the Niels Bohr Room at the Bella Center, the official COP15 venue. Click here for more on this event.

Energy efficiency in buildings is an untapped resource for mitigating climate change, and this will be the focus of the Energy Efficiency Coalition event held over cocktails at the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers from 18.00 -20.00 on Thursday, 10th December. Click here for more on this event.  A position paper calling on negotiators to focus on the low-hanging fruit of energy efficiency will be circulated prior to and during COP15.

An additional high-profile COP15 side event together with the Commonwealth Club of  California, a non-partisan US public debate forum, will bring senior participants from California, China and Europe together to exchange views on achieving a low carbon economy. Further details on this event will be posted here as they are confirmed!

Finally, a Worldwatch Institute side event on 17th December will highlight the IPCC Renewable Energy and Climate Mitigation project report.  This event will run from 11.00 to 12.30 in the Niels Bohr Room at the Bella Center.  Janet Sawin, Worldwatch’s Energy and Climate Change Program Director, is the lead author on the Policy, Financing and Implementation chapter, and was supported with REEEP funding.


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