Revolution in Russia?

The Russian Ministry of Energy is focusing on developing and adopting additional renewable energy regulations in order to accelerate the further development of the renewable energy sector.

“It is true that we are the world’s leading nation in terms of energy resources. This does not mean, however, that we should consume these resources irresponsibly.” said President Dmitry Medvedev.barrel.gif

Additional regulations are to respond to current market requirements. New legislation is going to boost private investment in the clean energy sector. The government has to lead the way by investing in major, prestigious projects and by creating the right business environment, then the private industry will follow suit. It’s about reliable, long-term political and financial commitments to the development of the sector. There are ambitious goals and targets on one hand, but on the other, finalized projects are rather few. Also, government support for clean energy is currently still limited.

Anatoly Kopylov, Vice President of the Russian Wind Industry Association and a leading expert on policy issues, remarked that a series of regulations are required to be developed.Wind Energy

In the midst of this situation Russia now has signed a new law concerning energy efficiency. The law, signed by President Dmitry Medvedev, regulates the saving of energy. It imposes restrictions on the use of incandescent light bulbs which waste more energy on producing heat than light.

The core of the law is calling for goods to be marked in a way that shows a product’s efficiency and a commercial recording of resources. It will also introduce higher efficiency standards for new buildings and electric installations. As Russia today spends about 3, 5 times more energy than the average in Europe, such measures have a huge impact on the global emission of GHG.  It’s an accepted fact that fossil energy is wasted in atrociously inefficient ways when it comes to heating and public utilities.

The new law will also prompt

  • Energy intensive industries to implement energy studies
  • To approve energy efficiency programs and projects
  • To introduce energy dependent contracts
  • To make a transition to new long-term tariff regulations
  • To create a single inter-agency information and analytical energy efficiency systemsmall_recycle.gif

Another aspect is the reduction of budget spending for energy resources and for maintenance of residential buildings. President Medvedev called the overall housing infrastructure a “black hole” sucking in huge amounts of resources.

The Russians are starting to think about tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow- they are getting ready for a revolutionary development in energy generation. We all must get ready for this global revolution!

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