E-cars taking over

CEN-CENELEC and ETSI, the European Standardisation Organisations, are working to develop a common charging system for electric vehicles. Critics of electric mobility have long been claiming that the lack of charging points is one of the main short-comings of e-cars.


Standardisation organisations develop common standards through voluntary cooperation with concerned parties, such as industry, consumers, and public authorities. Technical specifications are therefore based on consensus. The system has been proved to benefit requirements for safety, health or environmental performance.

Now they’re about to develop a common charging system for electric cars, scooters and bicycles, with European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani handing the mandate to the President of CEN-CENELEC David Dossett, CEN-CENELEC´s Director General Elena Santiago Cid and ETSI General Assembly Chair John Philips.Energy Storage

One of the main aims will be to develop common plugs and connectors for all across Europe to ensure that batteries can be charged safely and easily. It is of crucial importance that all types of electric vehicles can be charged in the same way, no matter what make or country.

It is expected that relevant standards will be ready as early as mid-2011. By now it is generally accepted that electro-mobility is no longer an abstract concept, but will be happening on our very roads in the near future.

Main objectives for the standardisation process will be

  • Ensure safety when charging cars
  • Make sure the same system works for all types of vehicles and European countries
  • Consider so-called smart-charging issues

Another issue with electro-mobility has long been the amount of time needed to fully charge a car. It will be absolutely crucial to speed up this process in order to gain widespread support from potential buyers in the future. By developing this charging system the idea of just swapping empty batteries for new ones  is out of the picture for now, but it could still be an option to be looked into during the process. Another important factor is that electricity powering cars should come from renewable sources and not from electricity produced in a CO2 intensive way.photovoltaic.gif

The most important point is that Europe needs to establish an atmosphere where it can become a world leader in the sector, which is bound to gain shares in the next 10 to 20 years! Consumers as well as companies will benefit from such a development.

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