Research identifies wind as India’s leading renewable

Wind power industry in India has all the required components to become the country’s main renewable energy sourceWind Energy according to AM Devendranath, Associate Vice President at research-based consulting firm Feedback Business Consulting Services.

Unlike other sources, wind is said to have all the required components to achieve a mature industry status.

A good natural resource backed by favourable enablers and a strong supporting infrastructure could drive the renewables business in any market” says Mr. Devendranath.

Although sources such as biomass, small hydro and solar have ample natural resources and benefit of both progressive and adequate government policies, they lack the required support mechanisms or infrastructure” – he explains.

Wind on the other hand benefits from all the above mentioned key components for it to achieve the required commercialization:

  • Abundant natural resources: 216 sites across Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, M.P., Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu have an annual average wind power density above 200 Watts/m2.
  • Favourable government policies such as concessional import duty on specified parts and components, preferential tariff by State utilities and generation based incentive among others, saw this sector growing from a small 50-100 MW installations per year to more than 1500 MW installations per year in 2010.
  • Well established infrastructure in terms of technology, local manufacturing, skills, research, development and technical support have provided for an ever growing, independent and self reliant wind power industry.
    The Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association said earlier this month that the wind energy sector in the country will add more than 5,000MW of generation capacity by 2015.

Download the report @ GVEP (registration required):


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