reegle blog becomes the official DIREC 2010 blog

I am happy to announce that reegle became the official blog for DIREC 2010 and we therefore will be able to provide you in-sight information about the conference and do some live-coverage during the event. I am very much looking forward to attend this great event and inform you on the latest development in upscaling and mainstreaming renewables for energy security, climate change and economic development, which is the main topic this conference is focusing on.

DIREC 2010 is the fourth in the series of International Renewable Energy Conferences, which follows from the initiative taken at the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, acknowledging the significance of renewable energy for sustainable development. It is an international platform for government, private sector, and civil society leaders to jointly address the goal of advancing renewable energy.

In previous “IREC’s” (Washington 2008 and Bonn 2004) our friends from REN21 have been responsible for a “International Action Programme“. The idea was to collect concrete concrete actions and commitments towards developing renewable energies during the conferences (“Pledges”) and follow that up after the conference (also see their database of pledges). In Bonn more than 200 pledges have been collected and during WIREC in Washington 145 pledges constituted the major result of this conference. This year the host government of India together with REN21 invite governments and other stakeholders to pledge voluntary actions towards advancing renewable energy deployment and policy development. The theme of this year’s Pledge Programme is ‘mainstreaming’ renewable energy into the development of a low carbon pathway. Furthermore, because DIREC is being held in India, which like many countries faces enormous challenges as regards providing its population with electricity and energy services, pledges that target deploying renewable energy in rural areas are particularly encouraged. In implementing those pledges, countries can share good policy practice and business models to overcome these challenges.

All articles regarding DIREC 2010 will be posted in the “DIREC Category” and be available via the DIREC RSS Feed.


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