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A new book has come to my attention: The Sustainable Business” written by Jonathan T. Scott. Its subtitle explains what it is about: “Taking the First Steps Toward Understanding, Implementing, and Managing Sustainability from a Cost/Profit Perspective”, and the book has been published by European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) in Brussels and is given away for free.small_recycle.gif

The book, which has been critically acclaimed, is indented to strengthen business communities across the world by outlining how long-term sustainable business practices can be profitable by way of saving and making money. This easy-to-read guide shows that real wealth, including secure jobs with higher wages, is within our reach right now and a transformation along those lines will lead to an improved quality of life.

Basically, sustainability is about sensible business. It covers the legal, financial, economic, industrial, social and behavioral aspects of business, not just “going green. Sustainable business means measuring and controlling expenses through the husbanding of scarce raw material resources or the use of energy. Managers, employees, teachers, and students are explained the importance of minimizing waste as a first step for any sustainable business.

The European Foundation for Management Development hopes to promote the generation of long-term profits as well as to create new quality jobs while optimizing the use of our resources. Emphasized are optimizing resources, labour and markets and maximizing purchase and investment while minimizing cost of non-product (waste), unemployment and environmental degradation. The book calls to finally put an end to short-term thinking!waterdrop.gif

The idea of distributing e-copies for free is thought to maximize its impact on society by managers sharing the book (or its information) with employees, colleagues and friends.

Business schools are also encouraged to take notice and make use of this publication. In the past, they have been criticized for being slow on accepting and promoting sustainable business, and hopefully this is about to change. In fact, it will have to.

Over the summer some 1.3 million e-copies have been distributed all around the world. Paperbacks can be ordered online (at a cost) and translations into Mandarin are ongoing for distribution in China. Translations into Spanish, Russian and French are also planned.lightbulb.gif

The tenor really is: If you’re looking to gain insight on the future of business, this is it!

The pdf can be downloaded for free at:


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