New web and literature reviews

There is wealth of documentation available on the web on regulation and sustainable energy which are often under-exploited. As part of REEEP‘s ongoing effort to help you sift through what’s out there and find what’s useful, and in addition to reegle, The Sustainable Energy Regulation Network (SERN), an initiative core-funded by REEEP, has produced a list of useful websites aimed at energy regulators. The web review lists a number of websites of international organizations and research centers, containing E-databases and E-libraries, selected for the quality of their documentation on sustainable energy with a short description of the content of each website.

After a literature review released in 2008 of documents resulting from academic research and consultancy work on regulation and sustainable energy, SERN has also produced another literature review this time focused on documentation related to off-grid regulation and rural electrification. This annotated bibliography lists forty reports and papers the majority on how to deliver sustainable rural energy services notably with solar home systems that can be easily found on the web.

Happy reading!


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