RE & EE Events Listing: Portugal, Singapore, UK

Today I’ve got news of a number of events in Europe – London and Lisbon – plus one in Singapore.

European vision: SuperGrid – the way forward?

Renewable energies have been a main focus of the EU and their vision is to increase the share of renewable energy to 34% by 2020. The long term drive is to move towards a low carbon economy by 2050 which will require aggressive de-carbonisation of electricity supply. Integrating increasing amounts of solar and wind into the electricity grid creates a challenge due to their intermittent nature and uneven geographical distribution. For instance, the best wind energy potential is located in the north during winter, while solar radiation is strongest in the Mediterranean area during summer.

The ‘SuperGrid’ project was introduced with the aim of synthesizing renewable energy, by creating an advanced technology concept for combining long distance electric power transmission with liquid hydrogen distribution. High-Voltage Direct-Current lines have the potential to transmit required voltages, for example a 5 gigawatt HVDC system is being constructed along the southern provinces of China without the use of superconducting cables. The SuperGrid approach proposed cooperation between the EU and MENA for market introduction of renewable energy and interconnection of electricity grids by High-Voltage Direct-Current transmission. Learn more by attending Synergistic SuperGrid for Transmitting Energy Overseas 2011, 19-21 January 2011, London, UK.

ESCOs in Europe

National spending constraints in many countries are adding to the a need for innovative responses to implement energy efficiency improvements. The emergence of Energy Supply Contracting, Energy Performance Contracting and the increased awareness of the role of the ESCO illustrates the attractiveness of private sector engagement in energy strategy. ESCO Europe 2010 will take place on the 3-4 of November in Lisbon, assembling the European ESCO community with key insights into EPC, ESC, procurement, and leading case studies from around Europe. Friends of REEEP receive a 25 % discount on the full conference fee by using this link.

Climate finance key to Cancun talks – and low-carbon opportunities

While few are expecting major breakthroughs at the Cancun climate talks in December, the framework is likely to be developed by which billions of dollars of ‘fast-start’ funding for climate change mitigation will be deployed over the next few years. Beyond, these tens of billions are set to be scaled up to hundreds of billions each year by 2020.

Climate Finance 2010 in London on 9 & 10 November
will examine the evolution of these frameworks, and will look at the role of “Carbon Markets 2.0” in delivering unprecedented levels of North-South financial transfers – and in creating low-carbon technology deployment opportunities.

Meanwhile, in Asia-Pacific…

One of the most intriguing aspects of sustainable energy in 2009 was the shift in focus from Europe and North America, to Asia. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, there was a sharp increase in financial investment in Asia from $31.3 billion in 2008 to $40.8 billion in 2009. Some $188 billion in government stimulus packages was also allocated to greening and climate change measures in 15 major economies between the autumn of 2008 and early 2010, with Asia-Pacific accounting for over 45 percent of this spending.

The Financing & Investment track at the Clean Energy Expo Asia 2010 Conference (2-4 November, Singapore) will explore the key financial drivers of the green economies in Asia-Pacific.

You’ll have a slightly longer wait than usual till the next Events Listing – hope you can contain yourselves 😉 – I’ll be back with more in three weeks.

James Smith, REEEP Community Facilitator

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