Meet us @ DIREC

As I assume that a lot of you are going to Delhi next week to participate in the Delhi International Renewable Energy Conference 2010, I thought it might be worth to tell you where you could meet us (REEEP and REN21 representatives) in Delhi next week. I will be there too and I am very excited to attend this conference (the organizers expect more than 9,000 delegates, over 250 speakers and 600 exhibitors from 50 countries – wow).

Btw: this blog will act as the official blog for DIREC – to follow our live coverage you can use our RSS feed for DIREC related posts or follow us on twitter .

Ok, let’s start with the exhibition:

  • reegle live demonstration @ BMU (Germany) booth [hall 1, booth S-45A] I will be there all day
  • REN21 Networking Area – showcasing REN21’s main products, such as the new REN21 Map, other web portals and studies, and reegle actors catalogue, located at DIREC conference venue on 2nd floor.  All DIREC delegates are invited to meet and exchange there.

Side Events:

  • 27th October, 14-18:30: Workshop on Solar Water Heating (REEEP, UNDP, MNRE)
    REEEP Speakers: Dr. Marianne Moscoso-Osterkorn (REEEP Director General)
    The parallel event on Solar Water Heating Systems is being organised by REEEP and MNRE along with TERI and UNDP under the UNDP/GEF-assisted project on “Global Solar Water Heating Market Transformation and Strengthening Initiative: India Country Program”. The objectives of this side event are mainly to provide the platform for sharing international experiences and to derive learnings from similar global programmes on water heating systems.
    => more info & registration
  • 27th October, 17-18:30: Widening Access to Low Carbon Energy (REEEP, ESMAP)
    REEEP speakers: Binu Parthan (REEEP Programme Director)
    Running as an official side event to DIREC, and hosted jointly by REEEP (Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership) and the ESMAP  (Energy Sector Management Assistance Program, a multi-donor program hosted by the World Bank), this event will highlight four successful renewable energy projects, drawn from a variety of settings including urban and rural, and a variety of renewable energy technologies ranging from solar and wind to geothermal. Presentations of each will be followed by a moderated question and answer session.
    => registration
  • 27th October, 17-18:30: Access to Energy from Renewables in small Islands (REEEP/IRENA)
    REEEP Speakers: Mark Fogarty (Chariman REEEP South East Asia and Pacific), Eva Oberender (Regional Director REEEP South East Asia and Pacific)
    REEEP and IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) will be co-hosting a side event dealing with renewable energy access in Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Renewable energy is the core solution for small islands to avoid huge dependence and expenditure on imported fossil fuel, and to minimize environmental impact of fossil fuel energy generation and use. It also provides various ways to transit to low carbon economy development. The experience of developing the “Tonga Energy Road Map” helps realising that renewable energy supply in small islands will require integrated assessment of technology as well as capacity building.
    => registration
  • 28th October, 9-12: Promoting Rural Entrepreneurship for Enhancing Access to Clean Lighting Options (TERI, REEEP, ADB) [info & registration]
    REEEP speakers: Dr. Marianne Moscoso-Osterkorn (REEEP Director General), Binu Parthan (REEEP Programme Director)
    This half day parallel event will focus on off-grid lighting markets and delivery mechanisms, and innovative business model for promoting rural entrepreneurship to enhance clean lighting options. The symposium will provide platform for sharing and disseminating knowledge on scalable rural entrepreneurship models for providing clean energy and forging strategic ties for financing sustainable delivery mechanisms.

Official Agenda:

  • 27th October, 9:50-10m, Opening Session: The DIREC theme: Upscaling Renewables for Energy Security, Climate Change and Economic Development
    REN21 Speaker: Dr. Mohamed El-Ashry, Chairman, REN21
  • 28th October, 9-10:30: Official Agenda, Track 1, Power Technology and Infrastructure
    REEEP Panelist: Dr. Marianne Moscoso-Osterkorn (REEEP Director General)
    Power from renewable energy sources has been growing steadily over the years and is estimated at 4800 GW (in 2009), which represents about a quarter of global power generating capacity, supplying 18% of the global electricity production. Significant emissions reductions are possible through action in the power sector. . For the developing countries the challenge lies in ensuring electricity access for economic and social development and at the same time in preventing a lock-in of high-carbon technologies.
    Room: Yamuna
  • 28th October, 16-17:30: Funding Initiatives
    REN21 Moderator: Ms. Virginia Sonntag-O’Brien, Executive Secretary, REN21
    Funding Initiatives to provide additional financial incentives to bring down financial cost and increase financial opportunities to scale up investment in renewables.

Delhi International Action Programme (DIAP):
DIAP, also known as the “Renewables Pledge Programm, is a joint effort of Government of India and REN21 that encourages governments, international organizations, private companies, industry associations, and civil society organizations to take action for up scaling renewable energy within their own jurisdictions/ spheres of responsibility. It is a powerful and flexible mechanism to stimulate voluntary action on renewables.

For more information on DIAP and pledge submission, please visit

If you have any questions or want to submit a pledge on-site, you can come to the Pledge Office, located at the DIREC venue, Glass cubicles at the 1st floor.


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