REEEP Pre-DIREC Consultation Report Highlights Importance of Solar

Solar technologies are widely seen as the most appropriate for expanding access to energy, according to a global REEEP-conducted survey of 232 energy stakeholders conducted in the run-up to the Delhi International Renewable Energy Conference (DIREC 2010).

In his welcome address to some 1500 assembled guests at the DIREC opening plenary, Dr. Farooq Abdullah Minister Farooq Abdullah, the Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy thanked REEEP for undertaking the survey as a contribution to the debate on how to upscale and mainstream renewables.

The report draws several key findings, including:

Solar technologies are the most suited for widening energy access. Across the globe, stakeholders see the solar resource as readily available, and solar technologies as the best technical means of providing energy to those who do not currently have access to modern energy sources.

There is no single major barrier to the up-scaling of renewable technologies. Instead, the sector faces a wide range of constraints, the most notable being high costs, inappropriately structured incentives, basic policy uncertainty and capacity bottlenecks – particularly the lack of grid connectivity and lack of sufficient human skills.

Governments are perceived to have an absolutely critical role in driving the renewable energy transition.
Governments drive the clean energy transformation, but in some regions, stakeholders see an absence of effective policies and regulatory instruments. Overall roadmaps and government renewable energy portfolio targets are seen as particularly effective policies. On the regulation front, feed-in tariffs are considered to be strong mechanisms.

The MNRE commissioned REEEP to undertake the survey to get a snapshot of the opinions of key energy stakeholders from governments, utilities, regulators, academia and NGOs around the world, on what they see as:

  • the key renewable resources and technologies available today
  • the major market barriers
  • the most important and effective policy and finance mechanisms
  • critical needs for capacity building

“REEEP was honoured to be commissioned by the MNRE to undertake this global survey through our network of Regional Secretariats,” said Dr. Marianne Osterkorn, REEEP’s Director General, “and we are happy to provide a basis for some of the important discussions taking place at DIREC this week.”

The full report can be downloaded on the REEEP website.


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