On-site report from the Solar Water Heating Side Event @ DIREC

Dr. Osterkorn, Director General of REEEP, participated in the Solar Water Heating event, co-organised by the MNRE and TERI. The afternoon event included several sessions and interesting presentations on this most effective technology. In her welcome speech, Dr. Osterkorn stressed the importance of awareness raising and necessary government involvement in promoting the introduction of SWH globally.

The final part of the event was a high level ministerial panel discussion, moderated by Dr. Ajay Mathur of the Energy Efficiency Bureau of the Government of India and Dr. Marianne Osterkorn. It was a great honour for the organisers to welcome the Deputy Prime Minister of Mauritius, H. E. Mr. Ahmed Rashid Beebeejaun, the Minister for Commerce & Industry of the Government of Cyprus, H. E. Mr. Antonis Paschalides and the Minister of State of Haryana, H. E. Mr. Mahender Pratep Singh.

The ministers shared their experience with introducing renewable energy in their countries. Interestingly, Cyprus as an island state in Europe has achieved the highest ratio of installed square meters of solar panels per capita and has skyrocketed in the general introduction of RE in their energy supply (100% increase between 2009 and 2010). Mauritius has a vision of introducing RE into their general energy supply to make up 75% in 2025 and is on the best way of achieving this goal. The Indian state of Haryana has also joined ranks with other governments to introduce RE into their energy program, mainly by introducing subsidies and mandatory RE in buildings of 500 m2 and more.

The full speech of Dr. Osterkorn will be available on the REEEP Website soon.


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