Believe in Cancun?

After the rather disappointing outcome of the Copenhagen Climate Summit 2009 right now 16th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 16) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is being held in Cancun. Compared to the massive promotion and high expectations of last year’s event, the Cancun Summit isn’ t front page news.

Since Copenhagen only put forth non-binding agreements and the following meetings in Bonn were considered a failure,  Ban Ki-moon has said he doubted a new global agreement to address global warming will be agreed on by member states this time in Cancun, Mexico. The meeting will last from 29 th of November to 10th of  December 2010.

co2.gifSome of the key questions will be:

  • Will the milestones for a legally binding agreement in 2011 be agreed on?
  • Can China and other threshold countries be included in such agreements?
  • Will the EU be able to give new input for the deadlocked negotiations?

COP 16 must establish itself as a trusted instrument in the fight against global warming. Major issues are financing and forest conservation.tree.gif

Greenpeace and other NGOs have set their claims:

  • All countries must commit legally to limit global warming to an absolute maximum of 2 degrees Celsius
  • They must admit that right now there is a huge gap between the necessary steps to reduce GHG emissions and the actual policies to reduce them
  • A new Climate Fund must be founded and innovative ways for financing must be agreed on, for example an aviation tax
  • Forest conservation must be recognized as of highest priority. A powerful mechanism must be agreed on, respecting biodiversity as well as the rights of indigenous people

Reeep is holding a side event titled “Finance to push forward clean technology:
a forum for business and policy-makers by REEEP and IETA” in Cancun. Dr. Marianne Osterkorn, REEEP’s Director General, will open discussions involving a panel of leading investors, policy-makers and international organisations. They will examine the roles of effective policy and the environmental markets in mobilizing public and private capital flows to accelerate the innovation and diffusion of clean energy technologies.

Maybe the outcome will be a surprise in a positive way this time; may the Cancun Summit give fresh reason to hope and turn around the direction that we are heading to.

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