New policy and regulation energy review available for 160 countries

The fifth edition of the Sustainable Energy Regulators Network policy and regulation energy review has been released.

This energy database outlines the latest policy frameworks, regulatory institutions and mechanisms relevant to renewable energy and energy efficiency, country by country in:

  • The Caribbean, Central and Latin America;
  • Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the former Soviet Union;
  • Middle East and Africa;
  • South Asia, South-East Asia and Pacific.

For each country, the latest available statistics and data are provided on:

  • electricity generation and networks;
  • renewable energy sources and energy efficiency potential;
  • current status of the power reform and current energy framework;
  • renewable energy and energy efficiency measures and programs;
  • the role of the energy regulator and the energy department.

This review is produced by the Sustainable Energy Research Network (SERN), an initiative core-funded by REEEP.

For this review, a team of researchers from the University of Warwick have compiled information from over than 160 countries. It is a unique tool available at:


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