Cold winter-what about global warming?

We are having an exceptionally cold winter with lots of snow in Europe this year again, and this is being misinterpreted as signalling an end to global warming. This is a superficial judgement of the situation as a whole, and those denying anthropogenic climate change like to use such indicators to support their theories.

On the whole, 2010 was a warm year as compared to long-term statistics, and it’s those log-term   climate change trends that worry the scientific community. Daily weather is not a scientific indication of global warming! Conclusions based on such occurrences are a misunderstanding of climatic change caused by increasing greenhouse gases.factory.gif

Mr Barrie Hunt, Honorary Research Fellow with CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, explains t that seasonal cold spells will still be expected under enhanced greenhouse conditions.
His climate model shows that natural variability produces periods where the global climate can be either cooler or warmer than usual.

Monthly mean temperature could decrease to up to 10°C in North America even in 2060 and on individual days temperature could even lie 15°C under current average, despite global warming. This is by no means any proof against global warming as a result to increasing amounts of greenhouse gases such as CO2 and methane gas. For scientific theories many years of observations are analysed. The increase in average mean temperature will not happen gradually year by year but will vary around a background of long-term warming.co2.gif

“Winters as cold as that recently experienced in the Northern Hemisphere, however, will become progressively less frequent as the greenhouse effect eventually dominates,” Mr Hunt said.

Fact is, the past decade has been the warmest in the instrumental record! This undermines the fact of the warming trend which is reflected in the projections of future climate and the observation of the past. We need to adapt and prepare for this now inevitable fact and try to mitigate even worse scenarios! Every degree in temperature increase will have numerous and unexpected impact on the vulnerable system that makes life possible on this planet!

So next time somebody jokes that a heavy winter proves all scientists to be wrong, point out that daily weather isn’t the same as global climate!

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