Global warming causes weather extremes across China

Extreme weather in China reinforces predictions about climate change. Chen Zhenlin, director of the emergency response, disaster mitigation and public services department connects most of these extreme weather events to rain resulting from global warming.

Extreme rainstorms, most instances of extreme weather in a decade, highest temperatures across China since 1961 and the fact that  more than half of the tropical hurricanes produced typhoons undermines China’s efforts to raise the number of low-carbon forms of energy.

Severe droughts also affected large areas, from North Africa, across the Indian subcontinent to Southwest China and even Australia. Several Chinese regions suffered the most severe droughts in a hundred years, and a new series of such events is still ongoing in North China‘s Shanxi province and East China’s Anhui province.co2.gif
On the other extreme, cold and snowfalls are encroaching upon the North of China amongst other areas. Temperature is likely to drop by 6 to 10 degrees in north Xinjiang and will remain 1 to 2 degrees lower in East China and 3 to 5 degrees lower in the northwest than in the same period in 2010.
Although the winter temperature is turning cold, it is part of the alternating cycle of global heating and cooling, and the climate is indeed turning warm,” said Zhou Bing, a CMA researcher

Such extreme weather, linked to the effect of global warming, has been reported increasingly since 2000 in China. Unusually low and high temperatures, rainstorms and typhoons impact the country in ways that are undeniably a result of anthropogenic climate change. China, which is one the planet’s biggest polluters, is also at the forefront of installing renewable energy facilities and promoting energy efficiency.factory.gif

Since the 1950ies extreme weather events have been registered more often worldwide, particularly in the past four decades.  Fact is that poor countries will be most severely affected by   natural disasters linked to global warming, and often those least responsibly for climate change will be hit the worst. This is an issue still unsolved and the amount of financial assistance required for such areas, especially in Africa, is disputed on Climate Summits. Nevertheless we are keeping pollution on an all-time high, and the effects of increasing amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere continue to unleash extreme weather events upon us.

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