Travelling exhibitions in Peru and Chile promote a new type of energy market

The organisations Green Energy (Peru) and Eurosolar (Chile) are promoting articulated local markets for renewable energies through a series of road shows.

The idea is to convert specific areas, in both Peru and Chile, into local articulated markets, which will facilitate constructive partnerships between service providers, clients, stakeholders, local governments, regional government and the finance sector. “For this to work”, says Milene Orbegozo from Green Energy (Peru), “At very least it is necessary that mutual trust exists between all the relevant players, in addition to cooperation and commitment to promote and to establish renewable energy markets”.

In this project, Green Energy (Perú) and Eurosolar (Chile) are acting as promoters and facilitators, and are endeavouring to identify and reduce the barriers hindering the development of these kind of markets.
To meet this objective, they are implementing an innovative direct marketing strategy by putting on road shows in both countries, while scouting for the ideal location where they can work to co-ordinate and promote the local market.

The essential requirements for such a place should be: good availability of natural resources, active participation by all stakeholders, a favourable attitude of the local people towards the adoption of any type of renewable energy and existing projects; whether part of a public venture or set up to serve the needs of industries such as guinea-pig farming, alfalfa production and hotels, among others.In Peru the project was officially launched at the Congress of the Republic in March 2010. Since then, the team from Green Energy have made a journey of more than 5000 kilometres in 56 days with their demonstration equipment, stopping in Piura, Cajamarca, Oxapampa, Junín, Ayacucho, Arequipa and Puno. “We have been overwhelmed by the public reception”, says Orbegozo.

The ‘Green Energy’ van, “is already clearly identifiable on Peru’s roads”. On arriving at the main squarein each of the cities, the team puts up a demonstration stall “where people can handle our equipment, experiment with it and ask questions about our range of renewable energy products.”

After their journey throughout the length and breadth of Peru, Green Energy chose Arequipa as their city in which to promote the local renewable energy market. The reasons are: “Arequipa has a vast potential for solar energy and the locals have their own culture of renewable energy. The real proof is that they have already been using solar panels which can be bought in almost any hardware shop in town”, adds Milene Orbegozo.

In Arequipa, Green Energy is executing the final phase of the project: the application of the ‘Value Links Methodology’ (Sustainable Value Chains) to the renewable energy market for the first time.

“As a first step, together with the support of all the stakeholders, two value chains were identified for analysis: solar panels and photovoltaic systems”, explains Milene Orebgozo.

“Later on, the bottlenecks preventing us making the links in the value chains were identified, so that the stakeholders could work to come up with strategies and solutions to the problems; allowing them to establish and co-ordinate new markets according to the local conditions”.

Finally the most difficult thing was to bring about the co-ordination of the relevant private and public bodies to create a sustainable renewable energy market in Arequipa. “What we are looking for is their mutual commitment; because to our surprise, despite them being based down the road from one another, they were totally unaware of each other’s existence”.

The Eurosolar team in Chile, who launched the road show in August 2010 at the Coquimbo city hall, have recently finished their tour around Chile. The reception they received goes to show that their tour was equally successful.
At the roadshows the Green Energy and Eurosolar teams have been working with national and international organisations involved in the energy sector and in local economic development.

Another success is that the financing bodies have become an integral part of these markets. “At the travelling exhibition they have demonstrated their interest in working with this unique and innovative credit concept for both their clients and renewable energy businesses”.

Milene Orbegoso seems confident that “the fact that those behind this boost to the articulated local markets are mainly private and politically neutral institutions is creating confidence among all the local stakeholders”. One positive sign is that this is already happening in Arequipa


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