Global warming – a big hoax?

If you read this you most probably belong to a great majority of people who “believe” in climate change as in a phenomena induced by human activity. Yet not everybody will agree with that, and you have probably encountered those who still insist that nothing out of the usual is happening.

Classics that those who deny anthropogenic global warming tend to throw at you include:

  • But it was really cold today in …
  • Glaciers have always receded and then grown again
  • No global warming since 1998
  • No scientific consensus

First point has been discussed in this blog before-climate doesn’t equal weather! Just because we had a cold winter or lots of snow at Christmas doesn’t disprove global warming at all. In fact, the reason why now the phenomena is referred to as “climate change” rather than global warming is that different parts of the world will be affected in different ways. Recent increase in temperature is unprecedented in the last 1000 years, and that is a fact.

As for the glaciers, their reclining alone isn’t proof for global warming- but a pervasive, sustained and accelerating global trend of melting glaciers is strong evidence for it. Charts by the National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC) show that overall glaciers have declined in a major ways since data was established, and it’s speeding up.co2.gif

As for the 1998 “fact” it needs to be said is that 1998 was an absolute record year in terms of heat, and if looking at the trend over many years it becomes clear that temperature has been increasing more or less constantly for about a hundred years. So picking any other year than 1998 will show an increase.

There is great scientific consensus! In fact so much as to lead some critiques to claim that there is so many consensuses they think scientists are just bribed (or greedy for research money)! Need we discuss this? Who are greedier-oil companies or scientists?

Another interesting point is the fact though that not everywhere in the world climate change is seen as threat or even heard about. The less developed a country, the less people know about it! For example,only  one  third of people in India is aware of global warming, but over 85% in the US or Russia. Thus those most likely to experience negative impacts and least responsible for current climate change are not even really aware of it. Generally speaking, the more educated people are the more they are aware, and of course those struggling to survive day to day don’t see global warming as a great threat. Managers, white collar workers, students and males are more likely to view it as a major threat.factory.gif

Interesting facts to consider I think. And a few answers for those who still believe climate change is a hoax!

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