RE & EE Events Listing: Australia, Belgium and Bulgaria

So, I take it you are all busy working on your proposals in response to REEEP’s 8th Programme Call? I don’t want to distract you from that for too long, but I have got some upcoming events to tell you about…

Energy Saving Ambassadors

The ‘League of Green Embassies’ may sound like a mysterious cult or something from a graphic novel, but it’s actually much more interesting to anyone who, like me, is trying to retrofit an old building for energy efficiency. It’s an initiative of the US Department of State, formed to share opportunities and successes for conserving natural resources at diplomatic missions worldwide. They are currently helping to renovate the residence of US Ambassador Howard Gutman in Brussels; technically a home makeover on a 230 year-old house using all the latest energy efficient products, including insulation, electricity use monitoring equipment and software, an efficient modern boiler and other energy efficient appliances. You can read more about it here. All very interesting. Only problem is now I wish I were an ambassador so that companies would donate $100,000 worth of energy efficiency kit for my house…

The energy efficient renovations (of the Ambassador’s residence, not mine!) will be unveiled as part of EE Global, which is taking place on 12-14 April, Brussels, Belgium. An exclusive forum that brings together high-level officials from government, business and NGOs, EE Global is where people with a shared passion in energy efficiency and the power to make a difference come together to effect change. It is an official EU Sustainable Energy Week event.

It’s sunny in the Balkans!

The annual mean solar radiation for Bulgaria is 4.2 kWh/m2/day, meaning the country has a high potential for solar energy uptake. You can find out more at Rising Opportunities ‘Solar Balkans 2011’ which will show the opportunities for investment and production of solar devices and plants in the region of South-East Europe. It’s running as a parallel event to the International Congress and Exhibition on Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Sources for South-East Europe, 13-15 April, Sofia, Bulgaria. The forums will put you in touch with 700 international and regional experts during the three days of business and networking. More than 200 leading manufacturers and service providers from Austria, China, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Spain, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden, and the Balkans will be at the parallel exhibitions.

A whole week for clean energy down under

Clean energy is gradually changing the way we power our lives. The solar panels now installed on rooftops throughout the world are equivalent to 15 nuclear reactors – and we’re just warming up.

New investment in clean energy passed that of fossil fuels for the first time in 2008  and shows no signs of slowing down. Figures from Bloomberg New Energy Finance show 2010 was a record year, with investment growing 30 per cent to $243 billion.

Australia’s Clean Energy Week, 2-7 May in Melbourne, will bring together the major players from solar, wind, hydro, bioenergy, wave, geothermal and energy efficiency from across Australia and internationally. It combines the Clean Energy Council’s National Conference and Australia’s biggest solar conference, ATRAA.

Right, back to your proposals!  😉


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