RE & EE Events Listing: Canada, India, Thailand, USA

Spring is definitely sprung in my part of France – it’s warm and sunny and trees are full of blossom. Good news on the energy efficiency front as we haven’t used any heating in my home in the last couple of weeks. However, despite how beautiful it is here, I’m going to send you to some different places for events: Canada, India, the USA and Thailand.

Dramatic Cost Savings

The number of RETScreen users just passed 288,000 in 220 countries while cumulative user savings to-date has topped $6 billion (calculated by a team of independent evaluation consultants). Engineers, architects and financial planners at thousands of organisations around the world are now using the RETScreen software to drastically slash the costs and time required to evaluate potential renewable energy, energy efficiency and cogeneration projects.

Attend the RETScreen Conference & Training Institute, 20-22 June, Niagara Falls, Canada, to discover how Johnson Controls, Manitoba Hydro, the Tipperary Energy Agency, and many others are using RETScreen to save money and implement clean energy projects. And be there to see the launch of the new RETScreen Energy Management tool as well as to take advantage of the unique opportunity to learn directly from the RETScreen development team. REEEP is a funder of RETScreen – see latest project here.

What a pair of REFFs!

India or USA, take your pick…

Opportunities for India’s renewable energy sector are abundant. With an estimated 2,700MW of renewable power capacity added to the grid in 2010, the future potential looks extremely promising. On a global scale, India ranks as one of the most appealing markets to explore in the coming years with only 14% of renewable energy resources having been tapped so far. India needs to spend $950 billion on its power sector to meet energy demand and renewables play a critical role in delivering energy security to the nation. The 4th Renewable Energy Finance Forum – India, 24-25 May, New Delhi, will provide a platform for the financial community in delivering the capital desperately needed to allow the industry to flourish.

Renewable energy will outpace oil by 2030 as global energy demand surges, according to “BP Energy Outlook 2030”. But how are we going to get there? With seemingly wavering support at the Federal level for renewable energy and uncertainty surrounding established programs, now is the moment for the financiers at the heart of renewable energy projects to stand up and be counted. As liquidity continues to flow back into the market and investor appetites heat up, the question now becomes how to deploy capital into this space effectively and generate an excellent return on your investment. The 8th Renewable Energy Finance Forum – Wall Street, 21-22 June, New York, USA, is your one-stop shop to navigate these complex and ever-changing markets with advice from the experts.

Cleaning up in Asia

Interesting things are happening in renewable energy in Asia. A couple of examples:

  • the Indonesian government has come up with an ambitious plan to generate approximately 10,000 MW of geothermal power by 2025. To fulfill this plan there are many projects in development and planning phase in the country. Indonesia will receive a US$500 million loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to set up three geothermal power plants with a total capacity of 165 megawatts.
  • between 2010 and 2020, there is a forecasted increase in Malaysian electricity generation of 58.5%, which is above average for the Asia Pacific region. An increase of 117% in hydro-power use during 2010-2020 is a key element of generation growth. Thermal power generation is forecast to rise by 37% between 2010 and 2020. (Research and Markets, February 2011)

To hear more about developments attend Clean Power Asia, 28-30 June, Bangkok, Thailand, which aims to provide project initiators interested in finding partners to construct and operate clean power projects in Asia with an opportunity to present your project plans to potential investors, financiers and business partners. REEEP South East Asia and Pacific’s very own Maaike Gobel will be speaking at the event.

More on events from me in two weeks, and maybe a teensy reminder about deadlines for REEEP’s 8th Programme Call for Proposals between now and then…

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