RE & EE Events Listing: Brazil, plus funding and a solar tender

Well ‘Events Listing’ is a bit of a misnomer this week – it’s actually a singular Event Listing, but I think you’ll let me off because I’m tacking on news of a solar tender opportunity and a new call for proposals courtesy of our friends at ECREEE.

Brazil to lead the world on renewable energies?

Renewable energies could supply 77% of the world demand in 2050, with biomass, wind and solar providing the major contribution. But this will require governments to adopt policies that enable the replacement of fossil fuels with cleaner sources. These are the main conclusions of the Special Report on Renewable Energy, published in Abu Dhabi by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – The UN panel for climate change. Brazil has already made it clear that it wants to lead the race for renewable energy generation in the world (currently headed by China and the United States) and become a platform for exports of equipment for the construction of wind farms.

The 6th edition of All About Energy, the biggest event on renewable energies in Latin America, will take place between 5 and 8 July in Fortaleza, capital of the state of Ceara in northeastern Brazil. The world’s largest companies in the sector, governments, public and private institutions and students will participate in exhibitions, conferences and business rounds, which should develop an area of great commercial and environmental interests. The State of Ceará’s Government is also organizing the fair and is a strong supporter of renewable energies, subsidizing companies that develop projects in this area.

Call for Proposals for RE & EE in peri-urban and rural areas of West Africa

Presently, only about 8% of the rural population in West Africa has access to electricity and other modern forms of energy services. Electricity networks serve mainly urban centres. The transportation of fossil fuels to remote areas is often very costly and rural communities have to pay higher prices for energy services than the population in cities. Low-income groups are particularly vulnerable to price fluctuations such as the recent price increase of oil based products.

Against this backdrop, the ECOWAS Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE), based in Praia, Cape Verde, has launched the first call of the ECOWAS Renewable Energy Facility (EREF). EREF will target small and medium scale renewable energy and energy efficiency projects and businesses in peri-urban and rural areas of West Africa. The Facility provides small grants in two financing windows. The first window on investment promotion supports pre-investment activities such as strategic studies, site assessments, financial project structuring and the installation of small-scale pilot projects in rural communities. The window on business development aims at strengthening local energy service and manufacturing companies and promoting technology and know-how transfer.

The call is open for submissions until 15 July 2011. Click here for further information.

Liberia Solar Tender

There’s a deadline of 12 August for sealed bids for the Competitive Bid (IFB) for Sustainable Solar Market Packages (SSMP) in Liberia. The Rural and Renewable Energy Agency of Liberia launched an International Competitive Bid (IFB) for Sustainable Solar Market Packages (SSMP). The objective of the assignment is to procure, install, commission, provide maintenance and training services regarding solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and streetlights in 7 towns/villages in Bong county in Liberia. It also includes to market, sell, install, and enable access to after sales service for a number of PV systems and products for private customers in the same areas. The total length of the contract is five (5) years. For further information click here.

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