Barbie gets dumped, Ken discovers the truth

This week Greenpeace has finally revealed who really is to blame for deforestation and in turn, climate change. The suspect has already allegedly caused a wrong  body image and eating disorders in generations of girls, but I never was aware just how much Barbie really has to do with the fate of our planet. Greenpeace attacks Mattel this week in a video showing Ken how he finds out about Barbie’s “Nasty Deforestation Habit” and, after letting the devastating news sink in, decides he ought to dumb her. Their on/off relationship has always been difficult, but Ken has decided he cannot date ”girls who are into deforestation”.tree.gif

The attractive young man now befriends about 860,000 people on facebook, and has no relation status, seems genuinely shocked about Greenpeace allegations. Barbie, in the meantime, is still in a relationship according to facebook, but had messages on her wall disabled after angry Greenpeace sympathisers had left clear massages there for her. Those messages can now go directly to Mattel, which is exactly what Greenpeace suggested in the first place. Barbie’s brain simply isn’t big enough to deal with this. leaves.gif

The video, as well as the mob’s comments, and a huge poster on Mattel’s headquarters hissed by Greenpeace activists have made an impression  one of the world’s biggest toy manufactures: They are investigation their packages supplier AAP (Asia Pulp and Paper Supplier), a company which is largely blamed for destroying the habitat of the last Asian tigers and other near extinct animals.

Apparently it was the picture of Barbie’s blood-stained chainsaw which made Ken see through her blonde, butter-couldn’t-melt-in my-hand facade and led to their finally break-up. For him, this will definitely improve his credibility and might make him an icon for supports of Greenpeace. I am a fan already. And I never liked that blonde bitch anyway.

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