reegle data used by OpenEI

Reegle has entered the LOD (linked open data) cloud a couple of months ago, meaning all of data is there for the taking!

Of course, when we see that other websites are using reegle data that proves the relevance of this service to us. A recent development is a “data swap” with OpenEI: we have integrated their renewable resource maps into our comprehensive country energy profiles, and they are using our policy and regulatory overviews to round up the OpenEI country pages.small_recycle.gif

Open Energy Information (OpenEI) is a knowledge-sharing online community , a wiki, that was created in partnership with the United States Department of Energy and federal laboratories across the U.S. OpenEI brings you some the best visualization of energy data, making use of the Open Data principle and thus augmenting the value of raw data.

Like reegle, OpenEI is a consumer and producer of Open (Government) Data, and just like ours, you can use their data for free without strings attached!

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