RE & EE Events Listing: online, USA, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, South Africa

Welcome back to REEEP’s Events Listings after a few weeks’ break. Before I get onto the events a quick reminder that if you think you’re up to the top job at REEEP you have just two more days to submit your application – the deadline for applications for the all important job of International Director is this Friday 9th September. Click here for the details.

In my adopted home of France they call the start of September the ‘rentrée’ because everyone (including me) takes their holiday in August and the whole country seems to shut down. The rentrée is consequently a busy time of the year and it will be in the USA too – I’ve got news of three events there this month. For those of you not in the US I’ve got a couple of conferences in Belgium and Saudi Arabia in October and a call for papers for one in South Africa in 2012. And for those of you not in any of those places I’ll start with a webinar:

We’re all links in a chain

Governments including the US, UK and Kenya, and organisations such as the World Bank, as well as father of the internet, Tim Berners-Lee, are all supporting the Linked Open Data movement to allow other organisations access to use their data. REEEP is too (we use it to build reegle’s country profiles), and along with NREL/OpenEI we are running a Webinar next Thursday 15th September to explain what it’s all about and why it is important for low carbon development. Click here for further info.

And now, the end is near…

But I’ve only just started! The end of several key Federal incentives in the US, I mean. The impending expiration of the Section 1603 Cash Grant and Section 1705 Loan Guarantee programs, combined with changing dynamics in Congress, make for an uncomfortable time for renewable energy (see e.g. here for more detail).

Government agencies, such as the Department of Defense, are investing billions in renewable energy. U.S. and global RE market growth continues, but many questions remain: will Congress extend current policies or enact alternatives? Will Congress pass a national Green Bank or Clean Energy Deployment Administration (CEDA)?

Don’t miss RETECH 2011 (20-22 Sept, Washington DC) for the latest on the future of renewable energy policies, markets and technologies.

Or if you’re on the other side of the country, learn how to keep your projects on-track and influence key policymakers at the 4th Renewable Energy Finance Forum – West, 26-27 Sept, San Francisco.

It’s certainly not all gloomy on the US Government front, though. The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission‘s (FERC) new Order 1000 that was issued last month is likely to be the most progressive clean energy action the U.S. federal government will take this year. Order 1000 will fundamentally improve the way new transmission lines are planned and paid for, resulting in thousands of miles of new lines that will bring renewable energy to American homes. The 2011 Washington Energy Summit‘s keynote speaker, FERC Commissioner Marc Spitzer, will explain how Order 1000 should lead to increased use of renewable energy in America. The Summit is 27-28 Sept, Washington DC.

More information about Order 1000 can be found here.

Renewable energy growth

Money is flowing worldwide from many forms of renewable energy, as the industry presses forward with dramatic growth. CleanEdge reported US$188.1 billion in global revenue for biofuels, solar and wind energy in 2010, a 35.2% surge over 2009. But will Renewable Energy growth continue? Europe has set 2020 renewable energy targets but it faces challenges in financing, policies and the need for innovative technology.

Investors and Lenders need to understand the opportunities and challenges for project finance, which requires a clear and concise approach in assessing the investment criteria / requirements that RE projects need to meet in achieving Bottom-Line results. Although the world economy continues to struggle, renewable energy is still far better than many sectors therefore financing opportunity will always be there when there is demand. The renewable energy market needs a comprehensive policy with better mechanisms and incentives that can stimulate renewables to meet 2020 targets. Innovations and emerging technology can boost in achieving higher efficiency, but it has to be more cost competitive than conventional energy.

To discover more, attend the Global Renewable Energy Development (GRED 2011) conference, 18-19 October, Brussels, Belgium.

Access Saudi Arabia’s solar powerhouse

The Saudi Arabian Government has announced a USD $100 billion spending drive in renewable energy – with an aim to achieve 5 gigawatts of solar generated power over the next ten years. In light of this development, the Solar Arabia Summit is bringing together over 150 industry representatives responsible for shaping Saudi Arabia’s solar energy future.

This inaugural summit is taking place on the 23rd – 24th of October this year, at the King Saud University in Riyadh. Attending solar energy companies will have the opportunity to showcase their technology and expertise to potential investors and prospective project holders in the Kingdom.

Call for Papers

You are invited to submit an abstract for the inaugural POWER-GEN Africa conference, taking place in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa, 6-8 November 2012.

POWER-GEN Africa will consist of a conference and exhibition dedicated to the needs, resources and issues facing the power generation sector across Sub-Saharan Africa. It will bring together a range of experts involved in every aspect of the business of power generation from policy makers, project developers, financiers, engineers, suppliers and operators in a forum that offers valuable networking and information exchange.

All abstracts must be submitted by 3 February 2012. The main body of your abstract should be between 100 and 300 words. All abstracts must be submitted in English, using the on-line form found on the POWER-GEN Africa website.

Ok, that’s a long Events Listing post; thanks for sticking with me to the end. I’ll be back with more in two weeks.

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