Al Gore’s climate marathon

I have just been online watching the presentation of Al Gore’s “24 hours of reality. This is a global initiative across the whole globe, showing 24 live presentations, one in each time zone, on 14th and 15th of September 2011.

Basically the strategy is to wake-up the world, to act up and win conversations with climate change deniers by giving a supporters  the tools they need in a discussion. The presentations are sent from 24 worldwide locations, like the Solomon Islands, Auckland, Istanbul and Canberra to name a few.

Each one-hour show starts with a  well-known spin: back in the day when tobacco companies still tried to persuade the public that no, smoking isn’t bad for you but in fact makes you feel great. The Marshall Institute was amongst those that published such phony science. The strategy is identical now: seed doubt, create the illusion of a debate and deny consensus between respected climate scientists. Very often it’s even the same names that come up from the deniers, like the Marshall Institute and the Heartland Institute. They are fueled by the oil and gas industry.co2.gif


The presentation also brings up the typical red herrings those climate change deniers use, such as

  • Volcanoes emit more CO2 than we do (utter nonsense)
  • It’s solar activity! (No it’s not, quite the contrary)
  • CO2 is good for you (not in the current and increasing concentration)

What I didn’t like so much was the emotional part where endless pictures of natural disasters where shown and one presenter kept saying: look at the children, just look at them. But then I suppose some people need this emotional blackmail; science doesn’t seem to get one very far when expecting people to turn around and change their lives.

The presentation also tries to show that solutions are at hand, and the message is that if a real majority of activists were to unite then big business and government would have to follow suit.

I hope the message reached many and armed them to go back and try even harder to convince their family and friends to do something about climate change; vote those that will have the right policies, buy sensibly, and reduce your own carbon footprint.

On a side note: I did read into what some of the deniers say about Al Gore’s initiative, and what people come out with could be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad…

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