RE & EE Events Listing: Barbados, Ghana, Singapore, UK and USA

Plenty to update you on, so I’ll get on with it: I’ve got events in Barbados, Ghana, a couple in Singapore, the UK and the US, as well as a Call for Proposals from our friends over at UNEP.

Last Minute

First up, somewhat late notice about an event involving two REEEP Partners: Clarke Energy Institute is running a seminar on Renewable Energy Investment Analysis using RETScreen, 11 October, Barbados. REEEP has been a long-term funder of RETScreen.

Take your pick in Singapore

According to the Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA), investment in clean energy technologies could exceed US$7 trillion by 2030. The massive energy demand fused with the strong and consistent clean energy policies in Asia have also helped to drive investments into this region making Asia the leading region for clean energy investment. In line with this trend, Clean Energy Expo Asia (CEEA), 1-3 November, Singapore, provides a platform to foster the discussions on clean energy and energy efficiency developments in the region, and drive efforts to achieve a sustainable energy future.

On September 9, Beijing officially released its Evaluation Criteria for Green Building, which will be activated on December 1, 2011. The criteria cover all residential and public buildings which are new, modified, or expanded, and rank these buildings into three levels according to very specific requirements, including land saving, outdoor environment, energy efficiency, water saving, and materials, among others.

According to government officers, Beijing plans to construct 35 million m2 (377 million ft2) of new buildings meeting the criteria during the period of the 12th Five-Year Plan (12FYP). This also includes the goal that the green building area will account for more than 10% of newly constructed building area overall.

Low Carbon Cities – Energy Efficient Cities (Energy & Climate Policy & Low Carbon Urban Development) is just one of the sessions at Carbon Forum Asia, 2-3 November, Singapore.

Investing in infrastructure

Investment in renewables appears to be all the rage at present as shown by the activity in the market during the third quarter of this year. Ground-breaking financial closes in the German offshore wind sector vied with big ticket infra investments for top billing in the environmental space. While private equity house Blackstone took the 288MW Meerwind offshore wind project to financial close – a first in the sector for a financial investor – infra investors such as Axa, Antin, RREEF and KKR all ploughed money into renewable assets across Europe.

InfraNews’ inaugural Infrastructure Investors Forum: Renewable Energy conference, taking place in London on Nov. 16, 2011, will focus on the investment opportunities in the renewable energy sector, the role that equity capital has to play – and the returns it demands – and how institutions in the renewable energy market, including utilities, can put that capital to best use. There’s 10% off thestandard rate for Friends of REEEP.

Trade Winds

China’s latest Five Year Plan sets a target of 150GW of combined onshore and offshore wind in China by 2020 with an export goal of 5GW of wind turbines. US/China Wind, 13-15 December, San Francisco, USA, has been designed to provide a rich opportunity for face-to-face discussions and networking opportunities where everyone will have a chance to meet the people and establish the business relationships that will permit US-China cooperation in this dynamic industry.

Growing for growth in West Africa

Electricity demand across the 15 member states of ECOWAS is expected to record a quantum leap to 22,000 MW in 2020, from 6,500 MW in 2003 – a compounded annual growth rate of 7.6% year-on-year over a 17-year period. Currently more than 60% of fuel source in ECOWAS is wood-based and traditional burning is inefficient. Surely a ripe market for the sustainable biomass industry and more energy efficient systems… attend Biomass West and Central Africa Congress, 24-25 November, Accra, Ghana to find out more about the opportunities.

Call for Proposals from Financial Institutions

The Climate Finance Innovation Facility (CFIF) is seeking proposals from developing country financial institutions for the preparation of new climate focused financial products and services. The CFIF offers technical assistance and preparatory funding for the development of new financial products and programmes supporting investments in low-carbon infrastructure. Click here for further details. Hurry up though, the deadline for this round of proposal submissions is the 21st of October, 2011!

Events happening in quite a few corners of the world there, so get out and about! Oh, and while you’re out, look out for my cat, will you? She’s been missing for a couple of days. She’s white, brown and caramel-coloured, very affectionate and answers to the name Zazie…


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