Hosting an Open Data workshop

As a regular follower of this blog and reegle in general, you will have noticed our shift to linked open data over recent months. What does it mean for you? All our data sets are here for your taking and integration into your websites via the developer’s portal for free. And for us this means that are have been able to bring your new features such as our country energy profiles where we consume information from the Open Data cloud, merge it and present datasets from sources like UN, World bank, Open EI und Wikipedia in our comprehensive overview.small_recycle.gif

Because we feel strongly about the whole philosophy of open data, reegle is now hosting a one-day Open Data workshop for decision makers in clean energy organizations alongside the 2012 World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi. This event is scheduled for the 18th of January at Masdar Institute.

The idea behind this workshop is to assist public organizations in the fields of clean energy and climate compatible development in taking necessary steps to not only open up their data sets but also to provide them in a machine-readable and standardized format in line with the best practice suggested by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).

We will introduce the basic concepts of Linked Open Data and demonstrate how to prepare for entry into the LOD cloud, discuss legal concerns such as licensing. We will also showcase successful pioneers of the “web of data” such as reegle, OpenEI and Open Government Data Portals. As the idea for the workshop first came up during the Knowledge Brokers workshop earlier this year in Frankfurt, it is also a new incentive to strengthen collaboration between different organizations working to adapt to and mitigate climate change.

By providing this workshop, we will be able to discuss the challenge of sorting through an ever-increasing volume of information, promote cooperation and reuse of high quality data sets, avoid replication and enable knowledge providers to add value to data by crating mash-ups such as reegle’s country profiles.
We really hope that this event will encourage other organizations to come on board and partake in this exiting development as well as to be able to give support in the initial stages. REEEP, with the support of BMU (German federal ministry for the environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety), IRENA, Masdar Institute and NREL has taken up this opportunity and judging by the early feedback from the community, the Open Data workshop will be a great success and set the course for linking Open Data to accelerate low-carbon development.



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