reegle nominated for “Green Award”

Reegle is again in with a chance to win another prize; after the prestigious WebAward “Standard of Excellence” and the “Best Paper Award” at ISESS 2011 reegle is one of six nominees for the futurezone Green Award.

Since we have invested so much time and effort into giving you the best ever reegle experience, we are proud and want to spread the word.

You can find energy-related policy reports, energy and climate statistics, a general description and much more for each and every country with our country energy profiles, locate relevant actors and stakeholders from the renewables and energy efficiency community, enjoy the largest online glossary covering renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate compatible development – all based on the most innovative semantic web technologies. To make it a smooth experience, our intuitive design has integrated all the feedback we received from our users.lightbulb.gif

Since we are dedicated to be at the forefront of web development as well as giving you the latest information on clean energy and climate mitigation, we are well positioned to enter into various competitions and prepare suitable papers for conferences and events. Right now, as the only tool based on Linked Open Data, we hope to fare well in regard to the Green Award. You can vote for us, and the final decision will be made based on votes and a jury. Even though the website is in German the registration process is easy; all they ask for is name, gender, date of birth and e-mail account. Once you have registered, you can vote every day until the 3rd of November for reegle.

Thank you for your continuous interest and support; it is what keeps us motivated to constantly improve our service for you!

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