RE & EE Events Listing: Panama & USA

Wow, less than one month to COP17 in Durban. Doesn’t time fly? I’m not going to be there this year but if you are you’ll be able to meet some of my colleagues and attend the side event that we’re organising with some partner organisations. More on that in the next Events Listing, but this week I’ve got a couple of events to tell you about across the other side of the Atlantic, and also some exciting news from a REEEP-funded project that’s also based over that way.

Small (hydro) but growing…

Latin America has vast hydro power potential, with small hydro being at the top of the energy agenda for its environmental and social credentials. It is estimated that the region is currently using just over 20% of its hydro energy potential, a percentage that will see a dramatic increase in the coming years according to some industry observers. With many hydropower plants under construction, Latin America is set to attract large investments to what promise to be financially attractive small hydro projects.

To find out more about ongoing projects and developments in the region and learn how you can be part of this renewable phenomenon, register for the Small Hydro Latin America conference taking place on 5-6 December 2011 in Panama City, Panama. This event is an unparalleled opportunity to engage with small hydro and its future in Latin America.

Which way the wind blows

Guangdong Ming Yang Wind Power Industry Group Co., Ltd. (a speaker at US/China Wind, 13-15 December, San Francisco) has entered into a development financing cooperation agreement and a planning cooperation agreement with China Development Bank Corp. (“CDB”) worth up to US$5 billion (or equivalent in other currencies) in potential financing. The potential financings may be used for a range of potential domestic and overseas business activities including the Company’s on-shore and off-shore wind power businesses, supply chain integration and working capital management. You can read more on the story here.

If that grabs your attention, then you should check out the US-China Wind Summit, which will bring together wind power project developers, manufacturers and suppliers, investors and financiers, and market advisors from the U.S. and China to take advantage of cross-border cooperation opportunities.

Launch of RETScreen Energy Performance Analysis Module

Remember how in the last Events Listing I said we love RETScreen? Well, now there’s even more reason to, because they’ve recently completed beta testing of the Monitoring, Targeting and Verification Tool for RETScreen which they developed as part of a REEEP-funded project, and the product is now released on their website. More on that here.

Enjoy the next couple of weeks, then I’ll be back with more events.

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