Review: new open energy data portal

With the 31st of October, the Obama Administration has unveiled their new open energy data portal  This portal offers a collection of energy data, maps, and apps for developers, scientists, and citizens interested in energy and the environment.

As an official website of the US Government, the data offered spans several decades, from fiscal year 1975 through to 2007, of collected information, all of which is available to be used free and easy (download as excel file).

The available datasets can be filtered through several categories, such as Consumption and Energy Efficiency, Electricity, Environment or Hydropower to name a few.lightbulb.gif

High quality external maps and apps (mobile as well as web-based) are highlighted to allow the user to get a feeling of what can be done with this raw data, and several challenges promoted on the portal aim to increase to amount of exiting applications for energy data.

The portal is rounded off with resources (selected links to federal and non-federal databases, general references), a blog and a forum.

Again the Federal Government is taking a leading role here and hopes to initiate other relevant players, such as private utilities and energy companies, to open and share their energy data. The idea is for these stakeholders to integrate into their websites a “Green Button” which at a click would display relevant energy data.

So while most of the information offered doesn’t yet fulfill all criteria to receive Tim Berners Lee’s 5 Stars, it does give users the change to use structured open energy data and come up with some interesting ideas of how to use it. We will watch this space and keep you updated on development in (Linked) Open (Energy) Data worldwide right here.

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