RE & EE Events Listing: South Africa, online, United Arab Emirates, UK, USA, Germany

Clean Energy development is a complex beast. As well as consideration of efficiency in energy use and generation from renewable sources, and the many different technologies, we need to take into account differing conditions – both physical and pertaining to the energy market – in different places. So it’s a good thing that I’ve got info on events from around the world, including Abu Dhabi, Bonn, London, Scottsdale and online! But as I promised in the last Events Listing, let’s start with Durban and some news on our COP17 Side Event.

Low Carbon Growth

Are you going to Durban in December? REEEP, along with a few of our friends, is organising an official Side Event at COP17, entitled Business in action for low-carbon growth: a panel hosted by REEEP, CDP, CTI-PFAN and CREIA. Prominent business leaders, policy-makers and NGOs will discuss how clean energy can be integrated into business strategy – particularly in the emerging markets. The event takes place on Thursday 8th December. I won’t be there, but you might get a chance to meet our new DG.

Virtually speaking…

Quite late notice, but since you can join this one from your desk that shouldn’t be a problem, right? The Global Energy Conversation Part II: Solutions to 2050 is on this Friday 18 November and is online. A group of leading energy experts will meet simultaneously in London, Washington DC and São Paulo in a virtual roundtable using the latest telepresence technology, and you can join in. They’ll be pondering the question of how we can meet the world’s growing energy needs when there will be nine billion people on the planet by 2050.

Going to the Gulf

Two weeks ago 10,000 people gathered for The Market @ Masdar City, a family-focused street fair and organic market held at Masdar City. Activities for children and adults demonstrated the liveability of a sustainable city, provided information about renewable energy technology and displayed the exciting projects underway. Families took rides on the futuristic, driverless personalised rapid transit (PRTs) pod cars. They also saw the 45-meter Wind Tower, which is inspired by the barjeel, the traditional cooling system used for centuries in the UAE, roof-mounted PV panel arrays used to power Masdar Institute and the 10MW PV plant, which powers Masdar City and sends excess energy to the grid.

Two months from now, thousands will gather again in Abu Dhabi for the fifth World Future Energy Summit and Exhibition, 16-19 Jan 2012, Abu Dhabi, UAE. World leaders, heads of state and government officials will reveal their future energy strategies and presentations from industry leaders will set the scene for sustainable energy and smart technology advances in 2012. At the exhibition, leading players in the production, installation and integration of products in the clean energy value chain will demonstrate their wares. We’ll be amongst them, and reegle is organising a seminar to coincide with WFES: Linking Open Data to Accelerate Low-Carbon Development, which will take place at Masdar City on 18 Jan.

Energy Efficiency a £3bn priority in the UK – what role will ESCOs play?

The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has committed £3bn to the Green Investment Bank and made a clear commitment to increasing energy efficiency. With buildings making up some 40% of energy consumption across Europe, it is clear there is need for such massive investments, if energy efficiency targets are to be met. London’s RE:Fit Programme tackles building energy efficiency head on, part of a £1 billion investment in energy savings in the City of London, stimulating the private sector to improve Energy Efficiency by implementing ESCO projects. London’s approach to energy retrofits sets a fine blue print for those looking to emulate the success of the RE:FIT Programme.

With Greg Barker, Minister of State for DECC, confirmed to deliver a keynote address at ESCO Europe 2012, it is clear that energy efficiency and the ESCO model are important tools in achieving the ambitious UK climate change targets. The event will take place in London on the 25-26 of January 2012. It is designed to increase awareness of the ESCO model. Over 200 energy management professionals, government, utilities, financiers and technical solution providers will come together to discuss how to engage the private sector to deliver energy savings. And there’s a 25% discount available for all Friends of REEEP.

The Integration Game

The recent IEA report, G20 Clean Energy, and Energy Efficiency Deployment and Policy Progress, endorsed by G20 leaders in the Final Declaration of their recent summit in Cannes, shows that renewable energy technologies have seen significant growth rates in recent years in the G20 coutnries. From 2005 to 2010, wind power grew at an average rate of 27% per year, and solar photovoltaic at an average rate of 56%. This growth presents challenges for grid integration, and the Wind & Solar Integration Summit, 18-20 Jan 2012, Scottsdale, AZ, USA, is the place to be if you want to discuss the issues as they affect the USA.

Water and Energy Entwined

The Bonn2011 Conference, organised by the German Federal Government, is on the theme of The Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus – Solutions for the Green Economy. The conference opens tomorrow and runs until Friday. I’ve written an article for their stakeholder blog covering the links between energy, water and food in some REEEP-funded clean energy projects – from energy efficiency in the water utility in Lesotho, to solar pumps for irrigation in Ethiopia, to renewable biogas production from wastewater in the tofu industry in Indonesia.

Still looking for something to read?

… after all that? OK, try this new quarterly newsletter, Climate and Development Outlook: Stories of Change from CDKN. The first edition is published this month and available online. Our own Florian Bauer and reegle get a mention on page 4.

More on Events in two weeks time.


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