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I just want to share with you that an exiting new resource for information on climate change adaptation and mitigation is being published by the CDKN (Climate Development Knowledge Network) on a quarterly basis. Even though this newsletter has already gotten a short mention in a previous blog, I think it is worth telling you little more about it and entice you to have a look at it.

The CDKN aims to help decision-makers in developing countries design and deliver climate compatible development. They do this by providing demand-led research and technical assistance, and channelling the best available knowledge on climate change and development to support policy processes at the country level. photovoltaic.gif

Their newsletter, which you can sign up for, is a colorful report including the latest about their global projects and results and stories from their work around the globe. Being just a few pages long, it is an ideal way to keep you updated on what’s going on in the combat against climate change. The current edition features articles such as “Towards action in the Caribbean”, “Promoting African climate models”, “Sharing lessons in disaster risk reduction”, “CDKN supports Kenya’s integrated climate planning”, “Building climate resilience into India’s housing Construction”. Surely this is an interesting read for anybody actively engaged and concerned about strategies to accelerate transition towards a low-carbon future, and being written in an engaging style it is a pointed and informative read. Recommended!

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