Ask an expert at Clean Energy Solution Center

The Clean Energy Solutions Center has established itself as a useful information hub for sharing policy best practices, data, and analysis tools across countries. They have now announced an exiting new service: their Technical Resource Team.

This team consists of a global network of clean energy experts available for personalized attention and technical assistance at no cost. The service is available to representatives from government agencies or technical institutes assisting governments from any country. If this applies to you and you have an urgent question regarding policy, finance or deployment programmes just register and ask your question. You should receive feedback within two days and your question will be answered in detail over the telephone or email.Wind Energy

The Clean Energy Solutions Center is there to help governments on their path to a low-carbon future. They aim to give tailored solutions for each country and foster international collaboration on policy innovations.

For all users of the clean energy solutions portal there is a place dedicated to training, including webinars and online courses. You can also use the site as a gateway to a great range of reports, data and tools which can be searched by selecting what you need, such as Best Practice or Analysis Tools.

Information can be found on a wide range of topics, like energy efficiency, renewables clean transportation or energy access. To make sure you find what you need amongst this huge amount of resource, you’re able to go directly into the right category, such as Buildings, heating and Cooling or Smart Grid.

The Clean Energy Solutions Center is a great place to educate yourself about all that has to do with clean energy and climate compatible development.

The Clean Energy Solutions Center was designed and is supported by a unique partnership between the Clean Energy Ministerial and the United Nations inter-agency energy mechanism (UN-Energy).

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