RE & EE Events Listing: Germany, UAE, UK & the USA

Last week another COP came to an inconclusive close. Last month an era at REEEP ended with the retirement of our original Director General. Last year we had no idea of the scale of events that would take place in 2011, both natural and human-led, producing the potential for huge changes in the way we live our lives. The move to a clean energy system needs to be one of those changes.

Last Clean Energy Events Listing of 2011 coming up:

Looking to the future

Moving to a totally clean energy system is going to be the 21st century equivalent of cathedral building – it’s going to take a lot of time and effort so we need to do some serious future-gazing. The European Commission has just unveiled its Energy Roadmap 2050, looking at how we can cut emissions by over 80% by 2050 without disrupting energy supplies and competitiveness.

In the United Arab Emirates there is a physical development with a long term plan – Masdar City. I’m looking forward to visiting it in January whilst in Abu Dhabi for the World Future Energy Summit, 16-19 Jan 2012, Abu Dhabi, UAE, which will be showcasing advanced clean technologies. If you’re attending the Summit, come and see REEEP at our booth!

Pay-for-performance should help Wind & Solar in the US

In the US, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has adopted rules to introduce pay-for-performance in the regulation market. The new rules require the RTO/ISOs to adopt tariff changes that would reward energy storage devices for the superior value of their fast ramp capabilities (relative to coal and gas-fired market participants).  This can be viewed as a big step forward for the storage industry. You can read Commissioner Norris’s statement here, and you can attend the Wind & Solar Integration Summit on 18-20 Jan 2012, Scottsdale, AZ, USA, to find out more.

Sello Shopping Mall Energy Service project delivers a reduction in energy costs of 25%

Increasingly, large building owners and managers are working with energy services professionals to deliver a ‘double bottom line’-  lower energy costs and energy savings.

The ‘European Energy Service Award’ winning Sello Shopping Mall is one such project. Working with Siemens, the Sello Shopping Mall in Espoo, Finland, upgraded the building automation and air-handling systems as well as optimizing demand control of the heating and cooling plants. This delivers annual energy savings of more than 2 million kilowatt hours. The project used a ‘savings guarantee’ with an energy performance contracting agreement.

From October 2010 to September 2011 the project delivered electricity savings of 2,200,000kWh (49% compared to the original average consumption), while the thermal energy category achieved an even more impressive saving of 5,940,000 (66% reduction), in total contributing to 60% lower CO2 emissions, and cost savings of €229,000 (36%).

This is just one project which will be highlighted at the ESCO Europe 2012 conference in London on the 25-26th of January. There is an 25% discount available for all REEEP members who attend this event.

Two steps forward, one step back.

The German federal government has integrated new targets and subsidy schemes across renewable energy technologies and some big deals are taking place (see this article). But some technologies, such as solar, now face problems caused by regressive subsidies. Join Euromoney Energy Events’ Renewable Energy Finance Forum – Germany (28-29 Feb 2012, Berlin) to analyse lucrative business options which are an essential part of making the most of this evolving market.

User Survey on Renewable Energy Resources Data

REEEP is taking part in a working group on Wind and Solar that feeds into the Clean Energy Ministerial process. One of the activities of the working group is to develop a Global Atlas for Solar and Wind Energy which will facilitate the deployment of renewable energy technologies by sharing information on resource potentials. To ensure this unified public domain global dataset meets the end-users  needs, UNEP have published an online survey and would appreciate your help. They say it should only take you 10 minutes: click here to take the survey.

I’ll be back in January with the first Events Listing of the new year. Until then, enjoy your break if you are celebrating over the coming weeks. Rest, recharge and get ready… we’ve got a lot of work to do on clean energy in 2012!

A successful and peaceful New Year to you all.


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