Clean Energy Events Listing: Austria, Canada, Kenya, the UK and the USA

Temperatures here in my part of France have been below freezing for several days and the snow and ice is keeping me here in the valley, but is spring in the air for clean energy? When the Saudi Arabian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Ali Al-Naimi, is making speeches praising the environmental and economic sense of energy efficiency and the potential for renewable energy then I should say so! Time to get yourself to some events – you might hear some other pleasant suprises. I’ve got news of events in London, Nairobi, Orlando, Toronto and Vienna, as well as the launch of the European Energy Service Awards 2011, and you can download the full text of Minister Al-Naimi’s recent speech here.

Finance worries for RE in Canada

The ongoing review of the Green Energy and Economy Act in Canada is currently delaying the development of future projects. How will these events impact the longer term future of the Canadian renewable energy market in 2012? For the projects that have been awarded PPAs, availability of financing continues to be a challenge and as a result, it is increasing the expectation of M&A activity in this field. The 3rd Renewable Energy Finance Forum – Canada, 30 April-1 May, Toronto will address these changes and analyse the reaction from the financial markets to date while exploring what the future prospects and uptake will be for investment in this field throughout 2012.

A safe harbour for Clean Energy Finance?

The UK government estimates that the energy sector needs at least £200bn in investment by 2020 to overhaul the UK’s grid infrastructure, bring power stations up to European standards and meet renewable energy and emissions targets. This creates massive opportunities. In a recent statement, Keith Anderson, Chief Corporate Officer at Scottish Power and co-chair of the Offshore Wind Developers’ Forum, outlined the wider benefits of offshore wind, pointing to Belfast, where the harbour is being redeveloped as a hub for offshore windfarm construction, at a cost of about £50m. The work will create 150 jobs in construction, as well as requiring about 1m tonnes of stone from local quarries, which will create hundreds more jobs. “It is the first dedicated harbour upgrade for offshore wind,” Anderson said. For more on that click here.

Find out how the supply chain can support offshore wind at the Large scale from Jonathan Cole, Managing Director at Scottish Power Renewables, at the Clean Energy Finance and Development conference in London on 12-14 March, where he will be speaking at the speciality focus day on offshore wind. As REEEP is endorsing this event, the organisers are offering Friends of REEEP a 10% discount; please quote the VIP Code: FKE2226REN

State of the Union? Wasteful.

In his recent State of the Union address, US President Obama told the nation that “the easiest way to save money is to waste less energy.” The President talked about manufacturers eliminating waste and issued a challenge for buildings to save $100 billion on energy bills over the next 10 years.

These are messages that will be amplified by many at this year’s Energy Efficiency Global Forum, March 27-29 in Orlando, FL. In addition to three plenary sessions feature decision-makers such as government officials and industry-leading speakers, a Solutions Showcase of energy-efficient technologies and services, and ample networking opportunities, EE Global offers 20 executive dialogue sessions, tackling many of the timely topics the President addressed in the State of the Union. There’s a 10% EE Global registration discount for Friends of REEEP, quote code: REEEP10.

How green is your tablet?

Here at REEEP we’re pretty keen on the potential of ICT to help bring about change in our field (reegle‘s use of Linked Open Data, for instance). But as everything goes online the number of devices we each use seems to proliferate at quite a rate. Sustainable Consumer Electronics will look at various puzzling questions raised within ICT in general, and consumer electronics in particular, with regards to sustainable consumption. Short notice on this one – it’s at Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria) next week (15-17 Feb).

Scaling Up Renewable Energy

The Climate Investment Funds (CIF) Scaling Up Renewable Energy Program (SREP) will hold a meeting of its pilot countries on 6-8 March in Nairobi, Kenya, to evaluate progress and discuss tasks ahead. Pilot countries taking part in SREP are: Ethiopia, Honduras, Kenya, Maldives, Mali and Nepal.

European Energy Service Awards

Applications are now open for the seventh European Energy Service Awards, honouring outstanding efforts and achievements for the development and success of energy services in Europe. The best energy service projects and companies from 2011 will be chosen by an international jury of experts. Awards will be made in the following categories:

  • Best European Energy Service Provider
  • Best European Energy Service Promoter
  • Best European Energy Service Project

You can download Award Criteria and Application Documents here. The application deadline is 31 March 2012

Good luck if you’re applying for an Award, and do let me know if you win one – we’ll be very happy to share the good news. I’ll be back in two weeks with more events.

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