Austrian university recognized by ‘Solar Decathlon 2013’

Vienna’s University of Technology TU Wien has achieved some recognition in the international field of solar architecture! In this particular case it is an innovative combination of active solar energy and passive solar energy.

“Solar Decathlon 2013” is an international competition organized by the US Department of Energy. Entries range from different types of efficient and sustainable housing to energy-producing plus-energy buildings. Solar technology is integrated into to the very architecture of these constructions and the competition attracts entries from all over the world.small_sun.gif

This year the Austrian team headed by Prof. Karin Stieldorf, Institute of Architecture, has qualified and been invited to construct their model house as a proto type at Orange County Great Park in  California! TU Vienna is one of only two European universities to achieve this honor; the second university is TU Prague.

Karin Stieldorf proudly explains some details of their award-worthy entry: The team has considered the entire life-cycle the building, down to the production of each part and its disposal. The flexible construction can easily be put together as well as taken apart and moved to another place, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It is hoped that the prototype will showcase a system suitable for refugee camps or other intermediate emergency housing. Best of all, the building comes complete with its integrated decentralised power plant and supplies its inhabitants with the electricity  needed to power typical appliances.

This project has brought together a diverse team and includes several fields, such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, architecture and even the arts. The actual building will be constructed with a mixed team of students and companies.

I am quite impressed by this exiting project and hope they will go on the impress the Californians with the construction!


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