Clean Energy Events Listing: Austria, Canada & the UK

For those of you who read my last Clean Energy Events Listing post, I have an admission: I was totally wrong about it being wet in west Wales. It was warm and sunny for the whole week I was there. Of course I made the most of it, but couldn’t help being slightly worried from the climate change perspective; it’s certainly not normal in March. Moving to clean energy systems is one of the most important things we can do to lesson human impact on the climate, so here are some events you might want to attend in Toronto, London and Vienna.

Still feeding in

The Ontario government released changes to the province’s Feed-in Tariff Program on March 22 (more on that story here). The FIT review has demonstrated the critical role that policy plays in the development of renewable energy. While the costs for renewable energy technology might be decreasing, equity and debt investors are less likely to finance projects without clear Government policy support. Despite all this, Canada is avoiding some of the challenges experienced by nations abroad, constructing wind and solar projects and taking the next steps towards creating an established market. The 3rd Renewable Energy Finance Forum – Canada (3-4 May, Toronto) will address what levels of financing are available for these changes in the current markets and how you can guarantee your project remains competitive.

I love London(?!) in the springtime

I used to live in London and at the time fell prey to the common perception of Londoners that it is the centre of the world. Well, for the next few weeks it is, in clean energy terms at least. The UK Government is gearing up to host the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM3) there later this month. That’s a tough one to get into unless you’re a minister of a large country, but hot on its heels follows The UK Energy Summit 2012, 3 May, London, which will discuss how the UK’s vision for the energy sector is unfolding and what further actions are required to achieve a secure, low carbon economy.

Rescheduled date announced for Green ICT event

A few weeks ago I announced the postponement of the The RESPONDER Knowledge Brokerage event on “Green ICT for Growth and Sustainability?” This has now been rescheduled for 30 May-1 June, at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria. The event will address issues of cloud computing, energy labeling and smart metering with regard to their impact on green growth and sustainable consumption. Places are limited to 40 and the deadline for registration is 20th April.

More on events in two weeks.


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