Abu Dhabi to Host the next International Renewable Energy Conference (IREC) on 15-17 January 2013

The Government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced today that it has teamed up with REN21 – the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century – to organize the next International Renewable Energy Conference (IREC) in Abu Dhabi on 15-17 January 2013. Next year’s IREC will combine efforts with the sixth edition of the UAE’s World Future Energy Summit (WFES) hosted by Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s multi-faceted renewable energy company.

Dedicated exclusively to the renewable energy sector, IREC is a high-level political conference series hosted by alternate Governments every two years and convened by REN21. IREC acts as a common platform for government, private sector and civil society leaders to jointly address the goal of advancing renewable energy and has provided the impulse for several momentous initiatives over the past decade. Next year’s IREC in Abu Dhabi (ADIREC) will continue to build upon the successes and outcomes of the previous conferences held in Delhi in 2010, Washington in 2008, Beijing in 2005 and Bonn in 2004.

On the announcement, Dr Sultan Al Jaber, Assistant Minister and Special Envoy for Energy and Climate Change of the UAE and Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Masdar, commented: “The choice of holding IREC in Abu Dhabi in 2013 is a clear indication that the strategy of our wise and visionary leadership is yielding fruitful results.”
“Moreover, by bringing together WFES and IREC, Abu Dhabi is joining two of the biggest events in the calendar dedicated to the renewable energy community. We look forward to welcoming governments, researchers and industry leaders from across key markets to our 2013 Summit in Abu Dhabi.”

With an aim to maximise the benefits of the partnership, REN21 and the Government of the UAE will form a sector-balanced advisory committee to create a robust programme to ensure tangible outcomes and decide on the next steps. The committee will comprise of government agencies, intergovernmental organisations, non-governmental organisations, industry experts, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and science and academia.

Mr. Mohamed El-Ashry, Chairman of REN21, said: “With the world’s energy dynamics becoming increasingly complex, there is a need for greater global integration and collaboration to address how the world will power its future generations. Considering the momentum created by WFES in such a short period of time, we are confident that it will be an ideal host to ADIREC in 2013, enabling both forums to carry forward the global agenda for clean and sustainable energy.”

In 2013, with IREC combining forces with WFES, an initiative launched to facilitate open dialogue between broad industry stakeholders and encourage strategic partnerships critical to making progress in the deployment of renewable energy, Abu Dhabi will constitute a significant platform for international cooperation in an effort to accelerate global adoption of renewable energy and promote sustainable growth.

ADIREC will also provide an opportunity to highlight the achievements of the United Nations (UN) Secretary General’s International Year of Sustainability for All Initiative – that was launched at WFES 2012 – and further catalyse its objectives of addressing energy access, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

In addition, the conference is expected to offer a strategic platform to discuss the impact of the Conferences of the Parties (COP18) – to be held this year in Qatar from November 26 to December 7 – and the role of renewable energy on economic development, energy security and mitigation of climate change.


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