Clean Energy Events Listing Special Edition: Rio+20 Side Events

This is a special edition Events Listing just for those of you who are going to Rio. There will be more than 500 official side events starting today, not to mention numerous other events taking place in Rio to coincide with UNCSD so we know it will be difficult to decide which ones to attend! To help you make your choices, here are ours – side events that REEEP will be involved in as an organiser or speaker, as well as some others that we will definitely be attending. Click the links for further info.

08.30-19.00, Sun 17 June – Big Ideas for a Sustainable Future; organised by B4E Business for the Environment – taking place at Clube Monte Líbano, Rio de Janeiro.
This event will bring together global thought leaders, heads of state, chief executives and visionaries to present their ‘Big ideas for a sustainable future’, delivered in a series of powerful and inspiring presentations and discussion panels.

11.00-19.00, Mon 18 June – Sustainable Bioenergy: Providing Energy Access for Sustainable Development; Global Bioenergy Partnership Seminar organised by GBEP and the Government of Brazil
The seminar will raise awareness on the opportunities related to modern bioenergy development, as well as discuss policy options available to ensure the sustainability of this development. It features recent GBEP accomplishments, such as the development and agreement among 23 countries and 13 international organizations of the 24 Sustainability Indicators for Bioenergy, country experiences with energy from biomass, and points to ways that GBEP Partners and Observers are working together to build capacity for sustainable bioenergy production and use.

15.30-17.00, Tues 19 June – Business Taking the Lead – Meeting the Challenge of Sustainable Energy for All; organised by US BCSE, co-organised by REEEP, Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), International Council for Sustainable Energy (ICSE), Alliance to Save Energy (ASE) and Digital Energy and Sustainability Solutions Campaign (DESSC), REEEP Director-General Martin Hiller speaking.
A panel of executives from clean energy will discuss the enabling and investment environments that are needed to broadly deploy clean energy solutions at the scale that is needed to fight energy poverty, grow economies and reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

19.00, Tues 19 June – Access to Modern Energy services; OFID hosted event taking place as part of the Energy Day organised by UN Energy, REEEP Director-General Martin Hiller speaking.
This panel, chaired by OFID Director General Mr. Suleiman Al-Herbish, who is a member of the High Level Group on the Sustainable Energy for All initiative, will feature four clean energy leaders looking at issues around widening access to energy. Martin Hiller will focus on Financing actions to scale up from the ground.

13.00-14.30, Wed 20 June – VISION 20/30 – A Vision for Independence of Small Islands from Fossil Energy; co-organised by REEEP with UN Foundation, UNIDO, Climate Institute, Carbon War Room, OAS, SIDS DOCK and the Governments of a number of Small Island States
Announcement by several SIDS Leaders to join a Vision for the Independence of their Small Islands from Fossil Energy, which may be achieved by some by 2020 and hopefully all participating islands by 2030. This is an effort to transform the energy base of island economies to renewables; and a call for the international community to assist these islands to have universal energy access and become energy independent by 2030, within the time frame of the Secretary General’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative.

12.30-19.00, Wed 20 June – World Green Summit; taking place at the Government of Rio de Janeiro Pavilion at the Olympics Athlete’s Park, across the road from Riocentro.
The inaugural WGS provides a media, marketing and networking platform during the official Rio+20 conference, to enable the world’s leading CEOs, financiers, celebrities, and dignitaries to initiate, communicate and build solutions for a sustainable future.

15.30–17.00, Wed 20 June – Business Leading: Investment, Innovation and Results for Clean Energy; organised by US BCSE – taking place at the US Center at the Olympics Athletes Park, across the road from RioCentro.
To bring sustainable development and the fight against climate change to scale, much more investment, innovation, and results-driven action is needed. This panel of business leaders from the United States will profile the enabling environments needed to deploy and develop clean energy solutions to fight energy poverty, grow local economies across worldwide, and reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Companies will showcase how they are working to have buildings use energy more smartly, to deliver electricity from wind farms and distributed solar, and to maximize the power of information technologies in transforming the energy sector.

15.00-18.00, Thurs 21 June – Speed Brokering for Partnerships; co-organised by REEEP with UNDESA.
The event is fully-booked and registration is closed, so this is a just a reminder for those who have been accepted!

10.00-13.00, 22 June – Partnerships contributing to the Future we want; closing plenary for the Partnerships Forum organised by UNDESA, REEEP Director of Development Eva Oberender speaking.
Nearly ten years after WSSD, partnerships remain an indelible part of the landscape of development in action. This session will offer the opportunity for a forward-looking reflection, concrete guidance, and visionary perspectives on how partnerships can be best positioned to facilitate and expedite the implementation of agreements at Rio+20 as well as contribute to the post-2015 development agenda. Key figures in the development sphere will provide their vision on the future followed by an interactive session between panellists and participants/partnerships.

I’ll be back next week with a regular Events Listing.


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