Clean Energy Events Listing: Thailand, UK

In this edition I’ve got news of events in London and Bangkok, as well as new free software from RETScreen. But first a final reminder to those of you who are in Rio and were accepted for one of the places at the Speedbrokering Session that we’re running with UN DESA as part of the Rio+20 Partnerships Forum – the session is from 3 pm to 6 pm tomorrow, 21 June, in Rio Centro, Pavilion T (Major Groups Pavilion), Room T-3. N.B. the event is fully booked.

Crown Estate responds to UK offshore investment challenge

Last week, the Crown Estate published a study on how to reduce the cost of UK offshore wind energy and make it competitive with other low carbon forms of energy. Over 100 companies and organisations took part in a nine-month long study to develop evidence on the potential for cost reduction in offshore wind and the report concludes that it would be possible to meet the challenge set by the UK set by Government in the 2011 Renewables Roadmap – to bring the cost of offshore wind down to £100 per megawatt hour in order to deliver 18 GW of capacity by 2020. However, it says delivery will require developers and the supply chain to closely work together with Government providing long-term certainty for offshore wind investors.

During this time of austerity, the industry will gather to debate the key topics affecting financing of the renewables industry at the 14th Renewable Energy Finance Forum – London, UK on 12 & 13 September.

Thai Commitment to Clean Energy

Thailand has pledged to increase the share of alternative energy to 20% of its final energy demand in 2022 as part of its 15-Year Renewable Energy Development Plan 2008–2022. The Thai government has shown commitment to the plan through an allocation of 2060 million baht (US$47 million) from the Energy Conservation Promotion Fund as a subsidy for Renewable Energy Small Power Producers.

Further government measures to encourage private sector investment in renewable energy in Thailand include a wide range of incentives such as 8 years’ corporate income tax exemption for manufacturing solar cells, generation of alternative source energy, manufacturing of energy-saving machinery or renewable energy equipment and machinery, and energy service consulting firms who provide consulting services on the use or installation of energy-saving machinery and equipment.

By attending Clean Energy Expo Asia, 12-14 Sept, Bangkok, Thailand, you will be at the centre of these developments in Thailand, creating opportunities to capitalise on the growth potential in Thailand and the region.

Major Upgrade to RETScreen Software

REEEP supported the development of a Benchmark Analysis Tool and Clean Energy Policy Toolkit for RETScreen – the clean energy project analysis and energy management software – under our 8th Programme Cycle. The new version of the software including these developments was released earlier this month. Read more, and find out how to download a copy of this free software, here.

In two weeks time I will be in South Africa facilitating REEEP’s Project Implementors’ Meeting, so the next Events Listing email will be in three weeks time.


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