REEEP calls for experts

Ahead of REEEP’s 9th programme cycle which kicks off in late August 2012, we’re conducting a call for independent experts who could assist with tasks related to this funding cycle and beyond.  Possible freelance assignments over the coming 12 months include:

  • Evaluating project proposals in the 9th funding cycle
  • Conducting project impact assessments of completed projects from earlier cycles
  • Data collection, analysis and report writing
  • Market analysis

In line with our mission and the sorts of projects we fund, we’re seeking experts with qualifications and experience in:

  • Specific renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors: energy, energy efficiency standards and labelling, etc.
  • Core REEEP themes: policy, legislation, business & finance models
  • Selected thematic areas: business models for clean energy, decentralised and off-grid generation, food-energy nexus, water-energy nexus and energy data expertise
  • Priority countries for the 9th cycle including emerging economies, Sub-Saharan Africa and some selected countries in Latin America and Asia (including Bolivia, Colombia, Nicaragua, Peru and Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal and Lao PDR)

Being selected as an REEEP Expert means you are then on a shortlist of people who we may approach for specific assignments on a freelance basis during the following 12 month period. photovoltaic.gif

Please note: To maintain impartiality, any Expert who is contracted may not be linked in any way, professionally or personally, with any REEEP project implementing organisation, and will be excluded from submitting or assisting with future project proposals to the Partnership for a period of 3 years.

How do I apply?
It all happens online via the REEEP website. Applications are being accepted from now through 10th August 2012.  The mechanics of how to apply will differ slightly depending on whether or not you are already registered as Friend of REEEP or not.
Click here for more information and to get started with the application process.


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