New Policy and Regulation Overview

SERN has almost completed the update of the Policy and Regulation Overview!
A new edition featuring relevant policies regarding renewable energy and energy efficiency  is available online now.

Search online in reegle’s Policy and Regulation Section for information about each countries’ clean energy polices. You can also find this information as part of our comprehensive country energy profiles, where several relevant sources are drawn together for a good overview regarding each country. In fact, as part of those profiles, you find statistics, maps, project outcome documents and other climate and energy relevant information.Wind Energy

This latest edition now covers more than 165 countries with 100 countries updated in 2012, and 18 countries more will be updated in the next few weeks (we will let you know!). Countries produced in 2010 and 2011 are indicated in brackets (2010) or (2011).

The database outlines the latest policy frameworks, regulatory institutions and mechanisms relevant to renewable energy and energy efficiency, country by country in  Caribbean countries, Central and Latin America; Africa, South Asia; Russia and the former Soviet Union; Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, South-East Asia and Pacific countries.

If you want to find out how a specific country is dealing with the shift to a low-carbon future, both the Policy and Regulation Overview and the country energy profiles are a useful resource that we are proud to present.

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