reegle releases free tool for automated tagging

We have a reason to celebrate at reegle this week! Finally an almost year-long project has come to a successful close!

The reegle API project for automated tagging and categorization was a collaborative project with REEEP/reegle taking the lead and three other partners contributing: OpenEI, weADAPT and IDS/Eldis. It was funded under the CDKN Innovation Fund and ran from December 2011 through October 2012.

API stands for application programming interface – meaning an interface by which software components can communicate with each other. In the case of the reegle tagging API, this means that organizations publishing online resources about climate and clean energy can use this  API for two main services:

  • Expert and automated tagging of documents, articles and papers covering renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate -relevant subjects.
  • Suggestion of related documents from an ever-widening content pool of resources that have previously  been indexed by the API

Both of these services are critical in an explosively growing online world.  Consistent tagging helps the end-user find the resources he or she is looking for, and the suggestion of related documents helps to cover more angles of a given topic.  The reegle API can be used to tag documents in five different languages:  English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

These services are available free of charge after registration at .

Once it is integrated into a publishing environment, the reegle API can be used to deliver two broad sets of services:

Automated tagging

“Tagging” means that when integrated into a website, this API will automatically scan the site’s content and identify specific terms, concepts and geographic mentions and then apply tags to each so all resources connected with the site are searchable online.

Try it here – not programming skills necessary to see how it work via the GUI (Graphic User Interface)!

Content Pool

The reegle tagging API can also be used to deepen content by suggesting related documents are based on matching through sectors and geographical regions.  The indexing process also contains an option to add one’s own resources to this pool – Sharing your own indexed resources with the API content pool can increase the outreach of your documents hugely!

Free API keys are available at

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