Linked Open Data presented in the US

Since our IT Director Florian Bauer has returned from DC, he has recollected some of the most important points of the Linked Open Data workshop on November 12th.  NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) and REEEP had teamed for this much-anticipated event in Washington DC.  The 26 attendees at Linked Open Data for Clean Energy came from a wide variety of organizations working in the clean energy and development sector.

Speakers presented some of the potential benefits of using Linked Open Data:

  • Reduce duplication
  • Find more relevant data for your needs
  • Provide instant data
  • Future proofing / ensuring data longevity
  • Adopting standards & enabling platforms to talk to each other
  • Not losing data – make it deployable

As real-world examples REEEP’s Florian Bauer showcased, and Austin Brown from NREL presented The Transparent Costs Database.

The workshop then moved on to discuss issues and questions including privacy, proprietary formats, capacity-building or the methodology/standards of data collection. Quality of data and trust of sources were also brought up. An ultimate goal of a change in our ways of collecting, storing and owing information was data-based policy making in the future.small_recycle.gif

As the workshop was mainly attended by organizations such as US Department of Energy, IADB, CDKN, Worldbank (Esmap, Development Data Group, several Climate related groups), Global Green Growth Institute, Climate Institute, NREL and  REEEP, the specific organizational problems and difficulties were also discussed in detail. Such challenges include review and quality control, standards, reputational risk, persuading governments to open data, procurement, cost benefits analysis, data credibility, security and the misuse/misinterpretation of data.

All participants got the book “LOD – the Essentials” as give-away to be able to follow up on the topic within their organization.

Check out some photos from the workshop here!



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