New video about the “reegle tagging API” available


Your organisation has amassed a vast, valuable storehouse of electronic documents. Unfortunately, they are not particularly well-ordered or categorized. They also lack tagging for online search-ability, so visitors to your own website have no effective way of finding and accessing the wealth of information that is already there. Or, your resources are actually organized and categorized quite well, but no two documents are cross-linked with each other. You want to offer your users a simple system that extracts particular topics  from your articles and offers definitions, synonyms and links to open resources such as Wikipedia?
We have an automated, free-to-use solution for these types of common  problems!

Reegle has developed  a free content tagging tool available to anyone who provides online resources in the clean energy field.  The reegle tagging API  automatically extracts tags from your documents and web content dealing with renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate-relevant topics in five languages (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and German) .


Since using this free service means a deep integration of the API into your publishing environment it is necessary to be able to explain the possible use cases to potential beneficiaries to consider using it. A highly technical gadget is often too abstract for a casual explanation and non-technical people often find it difficult to imagine how to use it for their particular web-portal. We have found that personal demonstration really helps to bring across the idea, and to give more people the opportunity to experience what a presentation of the API is like we have decided to produce a short video. It was recorded in English and is available with English and other language subtitles.

The video features REEEP‘s Director General Martin Hiller with an introduction before reegle’s Florian Bauer takes over and takes you through the API. As a first point of contact we have also set up this email address: So if this video raises your interest, feel free to get in touch with us so we can discuss possibilities, such as advise on specific use cases or technical integration. Even if your area is very specific there is the possibility to extend our thesaurus to best reflect your area of expertise.

I hope I have made you interested in how our tagging API could improve your website!


Video with subtitles: Introducing the reegle tagging API


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