The world we want 2015

Currently there is a call to join the Post-2015 global consultation on energy! Alongside the vision of the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) initiative this is a  call for collaboration on the most pressing issues we face today. As the world approaches 2015, the overall target date for achieving the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals), thinking has begun on how to advance the global development agenda beyond 2015. The establishment of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) to continue after the MDGs  after 2015 is part of ongoing activities to ensure the energy transition towards a low-carbon, sustainable future is kept high on the international development agendawaterdrop.gif

Right now, the Global Consultation on Energy is underway. It offers an opportunity to connect with a range of people to build a shared vision of the key energy challenges that will feed into the post-2015 development agenda. The aim is built a shared vision of the world we want in 2015

Relevant information on the global conversation on the post-2015 development agenda can now be found at the ‘World We Want 2015′ Website which is jointly owned by United Nations agencies and civil society organizations. This is the  online platform of the Global Thematic Consultation on Energy and it is built as an open and inclusive space to discuss the role of energy in the post-2015 development agenda.

You can support this important mission in several ways:

  • Comment: Join the consultation platform. You are encouraged to register so that you can follow some of the key features and see who else is taking part in the discussion.
  • Share your resources: Use the platform to share current news and developments, helpful reports, thought-provoking videos, innovative projects and other activities in the energy sphere.
  • Spread the news: Tweet your views on twitter using the hashtag #Energy2015.
  • Create linkages: Forward this information and spread the word to relevant sites, blogs and similar places to exponentially build awareness about the energy consultation and its next steps.

sun.gifREEEP is keen to actively partake in  SE4ALL activities and contribute our experience of over 10 years work to accelerate the marketplace for clean energy in developing countries. REEEP sees its role especially in three areas:

  • Access to clean energy information, sharing and learning
  • Stimulating business development with SMEs, PPPs and private financing
  • Support in the transition from energy supply model to energy services model

If we want to successfully tackle the most pressing problems of our times, we need to work together and bring every good idea to the table!



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