RETScreen introduction video

REEEP has been an longtime supporter of RETScreen – and recently they have released this interesting video where OpenEI interviews Greg Leng, RETScreen‘s creator. We wanted to share it here and tell our readers a bit more about this useful tool.

RETScreen is a free, simple-to-use decision support tool to help decision makers and energy professionals evaluate the financial viability of renewable energy, energy efficiency and cogeneration projects around the world.

The program helps answer questions such as: “Shall I install this wind farm, what’s the cost, what’s the  financial return, what’s the risk”  The kind of decisions that have to be answered reliably, fast and best of all –  free of charge. Factors such as also energy efficiency and due diligence are also part of the package.

RETScreen is aimed at project developers, like  architects and engineers, who may want to test projects for their  clients.  Expertise of users could be very different and often it’s mixed knowledge between a team working on a clean energy project – bankers, engineers and architects. All can benefit from using RETScreen.

At the moment, the tool has about 350,000 users globally and is available is 36 languages (languages extensions were partly funded by REEEP).

In the future RETScreen hopes to reach a 1,000,000 users thanks to a more  intelligent system. They are already streaming data from NASA for climate data, and now team up with with OpenEI amongst other intelligence providers for future data cooperation .

Training on how to best use RETScreen is available from many universities, and a “train the trainers” program runs at RETScreen in Canada.

The  drive behind this great initiative is to increase impact and remove barriers for clean energy projects globally.

So if you are in the clean energy industry and you haven’t used RETScreen yet, you definitively should start using it!

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